Adobe AIR

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Adobe AIR
Software Details:
Version: 21.0 updated
Upload Date: 5 Apr 16
Developer: Adobe Systems
Distribution Type: Freeware
Downloads: 10
Size: 32409 Kb

Rating: 4.3/5 (Total Votes: 3)

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The Adobe AIR runtime enables developers to use HTML, JavaScript, Adobe Flash software, and ActionScript to build web applications that run as standalone client applications without the constraints of a browser. Adobe AIR and the Adobe Flash Platform unleash the creativity of designers and developers by providing a consistent and flexible development environment for the delivery of applications across devices and platforms. Support for additional platforms, including Android, is under development.

What is new in this release:

Flash Player Security Fix

What is new in version

Flash Player Security Fix

What is new in version 18.0:

Flash Player Security Fix

What is new in version 17.0:



  • [iOS simulator] On packaging ipa for simulator with Xcode 5, " Application architecture is not supported on ios" error message appears.
  • [iOS] App Crashes when publishing app with deployment Ad hoc + Fast packager with Feathers Button and Bitmap Fonts (Bug 3936675)
  • [iOS] Runtime Error #1074 while initializing app, if static constant is defined in Class. (Bug 3936578)
  • [Android] Cameraroll API doesn't work with Android Photos applications. ( Bug 3913530) 
  • [Android] Crash in Air for Android for Netconnection.connect() (Bug 3862022)
  • App screen does not render properly for fraction of seconds (i.e. flickers) but gradually gets rendered properly on first rotation but gradually gets rendered properly. (Bug 3929295)
  • App Crashes while pressing the backspace in Text Field. (bug 3936267)
  • When hideAneLibSymbols flag is set to "yes", ANEs that have external frameworks cause the ADT packager to fail with this error:  ld: in section __DATA,__objc_classrefs reloc 9: R_ABS reloc but no absolute symbol at target address for architecture arm64, Compilation failed while executing : ld64
  • Packaging fails with error "Unable to find llvm JNI lib in", when application is packaged with -useLegacyAOT yes option. (Bug 3932107)
  • [Android] Bold text formatting doesn't work on Android device (3682719)
  • [HMAOT] App crashes on launch when using the Parsely framework, works fine with GOAOT (3741144)
  • [Android] [Samsung-Specific] Korean characters are displayed as blank box on the TextField in Galaxy Note 2/Android 4.4/AIR 4.0 (3861607)
  • [iOS] CFBundleVersion value can't be more than 99 for iOS (3847816)
  • Application UI items are not click able after changing application rotation to landscape from portrait. (Bug 3924470)
  • Screen does not render properly when enter foreground from background. (Bug 3919996)
  • Application crashes on launch on iOS devices when packaged with WIN SDK. (Bug 3944379)
  • Banner Ads gets clipped in landscape mode with StageAd ANE. (Bug 3939855)
  • Status bar starts appearing after returning back to stage from camera roll UI for a full screen application. (Bug 3935723)
  • [iPhone Only] Keyboard changes its orientation from landscape to portrait, if user comes back to stage from camera roll UI. (Bug 3935721)
  • [Windows] After installing the latest version of iTunes adt -devices -platform ios command cannot detect the connected ios device.  Please note that the latest AIR SDK now requires iTunes or higher. (Bug 3933524)
  • [AIR Desktop]Adobe Air Application Crash Run Time.(3915184)
  • [AIR Desktop] Graphical Glitches when bitmap scaling property is set to some negative value and smoothing property set to true.(3938680)

Flash Player

  • CrossBridge applications break after FP version >= 16.(3938269)
  • [Chromium 394217] Wrong text displayed with embedded fonts.(3782659)
  • Multiple security and stability fixes

What is new in version 16.0:

  • [iPhone 6 Plus] Wrong screen size and dpi is returned through the runtime APIs. (Bug 3829474)
  • [iOS] [New fast packager] Some applications compiled with older ActionScript compiler won't work with new fast packaging engine but when rebuild again with latest ActionScript compiler apps work fine. (Bug 3837665)
  • Geolocation services are not working (Bug 3916071)
  • [iOS8, iPhone] Application hangs on returning back to stage after importing an image from gallery. (Bug 3912961)
  • An error is thrown with D.eval library (Bug 3857582)
  • [AIR Desktop]AIR Runtime crashes when using worker feature in a complex application.(3841682)

What is new in version 15.0:

Fixed AIR Bugs:

  • Android - Auto resolve conflicting common library JARs and common resources for multiple ANEs. ADT will throw warning in case of auto-resolve. (3780590)
  • iOS8] - A notification dialog is coming after launching any AIR applications.( 3771162)
  • Android - StageText restrict = "A-Z" not blocked lowercase letters input. (3768302)
  • Android - Missing support for XXXHDPI icon on Android 4.4. (3730948)
  • iOS Fast Packager - Performance of apps degrades when packaged with fast packager. (3695884)
  • Android - Stage.restrict A-Z property gets applied to the programmatically entered text, on entering text via Keyboard with cursor placed at the end of text (3771860)
  • Android - StageText displayAsPassword displays text without mask in landscape on Android. (3745033)
  • iOS Fast Packager - "Compilation failed while executing: compile-abc" error pops out when packaging large AS code application. (3753783)
  • Android L - Rendering issues with Direct and GPU render mode. (3786719)
  • Failing to call Context3D.clear before drawing on every frame no longer throws a runtime error (3726980)
  • Poor AIR performance while starting app after restarting Windows OS (3690665)
  • ADL crashes when Workers attempt to open local shared object (3768436)
  • Context3D "driverInfo" property allocates a String on each call (3790478)
  • "requestContext3DMatchingProfiles" fails when user deactivated hardware acceleration (3760760)
  • StageVideo with camera doesn't work properly, no video is displayed. (3781244)
  • Multiple security and stability fixes

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