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Version: 2.5.9 updated
Upload Date: 5 May 15
Developer: Panic
Distribution Type: Shareware
Price: 99.99 $
Downloads: 25
Size: 85806 Kb

Rating: 2.3/5 (Total Votes: 3)

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A fresh approach to web code. Bursting with features but without bloat. Built to make your life better: Coda 2 is the editor you've always wanted.

So, you code for the web. And in Coda 1, we revolutionized that process, and put everything you needed in one place. An editor. Terminal. CSS. File management. SVN. But we knew we could do more.

Now, with Coda 2, we went beyond expectations. We added tons of highly-requested features, and a few nobody expected, then wrapped it all up in a shiny, groundbreaking UI fit for the future.

This update is, truly, major.


* Better User Interface

- Visual Tabs. Find files quickly, and see more tabs at once.
- Customizable Sidebar. Put your favorite, powerful Coda tools in the sidebar dock.
- Streamlined Workflow. You'll always know what you're looking at.
- Code Focus. Hide the sidebar, or go full-screen, and get work done.

* Better Text Editing

- Code Folding. Finally.
- Smart Complete. Autocomplete your custom variables + functions.
- Automatic Indentation
- Smarter Automatic Closing Tags
- Tab Key Text-Shifting
- One-Press Character Wrapping

* Better File Management

- Git. In addition to SVN, now you can manage source with GIT.
- Complete File Management. FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and S3, with a Transmit interface.
- Transmit Twin-Turbo Engine. Some of the fastest file transfer in the industry.
- Path Bar Browsing. Click a path bar segment for an instant file list.
- Open Quickly. Pop it open, type a few characters, and find what you're looking for.
- Group Folders Above Files. A very popular request.

* Better Clips

- Multiple Placeholders. Quickly tab between the bits that need input.
- Dynamic Placeholders. Automatically fill in dates, URL's, text selections, and more.
- Insertion Points. Put the cursor at the right place, every time.
- Import/Export.

* Better Sites

- Groups. Drag related sites into a site board.
- List View. See even more sites at a glance.
- iCloud Sites + Clips Sync from Mac to Mac.

* Better Design

- Revolutionary CSS Pops. GUI pop-ups help with the hardest CSS as you code.
- Live Changes. See your CSS changes affect your page real-time.
- iPad / iPhone Preview. Shrink down your preview to just the right size.

* Better MySQL

- Built-In MySQL Editor. Without leaving Coda, administer your site's database with ease.
- Edit Structure or Content
- Run Arbitrary Queries

* Better Everything

- Improved Live Hints. As you type HTML, JS, or PHP, quick reference can appear in the sidebar.
- CSS Styles in Code Navigator
- Code Navigator Filtering and Sorting
- All-New Books
- Places
- Better Ruby Support
- Skip Files Rules
- Improved HTML and CSS Validation
- Easier Theme Editing
- Full-Screen Mode
- Labels
- Quick Look
- Plugin API Improvements
- Much, Much More


It's magic. Get our brand-new app, Diet Coda, exclusively for your iPad. Pair it with Coda 2 on your desktop. Then, watch your mind blow.

Your iPad now becomes a live preview window as you work on your web pages on your Mac.

Make a few tweaks, hit save, and watch as your iPad automatically refreshes. Pages are served from your Mac and rendered on your iPad, so you're getting a true mobile preview. Put your iPad to good use while you work!

(And that's not the half of it: Diet Coda is a full-featured remote web editor on your iPad, perfect for making quick fixes on the go!)

What is new in this release:

  • No longer crashes when closing Preferences window on MacBook with Force Touch trackpad
  • No longer crashes when switching away from Rules preferences pane and closing the window quickly
  • PHP no longer incorrectly detects 'require' statements
  • Autocomplete now works for multi-part CFML tags
  • CSS completion list no longer appears after successful autocompletion of a color
  • Sidebar global Find/Replace no longer replaces symlinks
  • JavaScript functions with '$' in the name now show in symbols list
  • Open Quickly now reveals the file if its open in another window
  • Improved DSA known_host key checking
  • Fixed an issue with Preview CSS extract and overriding a local file
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

What is new in version 2.5.8:

  • Added support for local functions in the Lua mode
  • Added support for define() autocomplete in PHP
  • Fixed an issue with opening Preferences on OS X 10.9
  • Fixed a possible exception when adding a file inside certain folders
  • Fixed a possible exception when three-finger clicking on whitespace
  • Fixed possible crashes with certain local servers such as Meteor
  • Certain mode now properly remove trigger text when expanded from the pop-up menu
  • Fixed a possible crash when switching syntax modes in a two document split on retina macs
  • Div class autocomplete now works properly in PHP files
  • Improved http proxy support
  • Autocomplete can now complete more than one class in an HTML attribute
  • Improved the speed of drawing indentation guides
  • Improved the appearance of Open Quickly
  • Improved performance when editing minified SCSS, CSS and Less files

What is new in version 2.5.7:

  • Added file-based action menus to SCM, Find in Files, and Publish contextual menus
  • The first item of the file browser in list view is no longer shown under the table header (on 10.10)
  • Fixed an issue where nested symlinks could fail to resolve
  • Fixed an issue where indented comments could not be uncommented
  • Fixed an issue where jumping to a symbol definition would fail in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where Clips could become corrupted and prevent Coda from launching
  • Publishing Queue now refreshes immediately after a file has been saved
  • Improved stability when performing a large Find and Replace
  • Improved performance when editing large minified CSS files
  • Other miscellaneous improvements

What is new in version 2.5.5:

  • Improved speed of Find and Replace by up to 10 times in some cases
  • Improved cache clearing in Preview
  • Improved precision of Pops sliders
  • Improved support for folding Lua functions
  • Improved stability when using Git
  • Improved reliability of resolving network-based Places which may be unreachable
  • Minor cosmetic improvements
  • Added PHP constants and magic methods to Autocomplete
  • Fixed an issue with reporting incorrect file dates in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where the Publishing list could become unresponsive
  • Fixed an issue in which Git branches would not appear in the SCM sidebar
  • Fixed an issue preventing tab rearrangement with the Files tab selected
  • Fixed an issue with closing the Preferences window from the Sync tab
  • Fixed an issue with JavaScript highlighting of partial matches
  • Fixed an issue where editing site title on OS X 10.7 inverted text
  • Fixed an issue preventing changing the editor font in some cases
  • Fixed an issue with improperly indenting some multiline comments
  • Fixed an issue with Option-Delete in blockedit mode
  • Fixed an issue with autocompleting HTML 'style' properties
  • Fixed an issue where switching databases could cause a crash

What is new in version 2.5.4:

  • Fixed an issue where selecting a MySQL table could cause a crash
  • Reverted code folding behavior to no longer scroll
  • Improved Javascript DOM Object syntax highlighting
  • Improved Paste and Indent with leading whitespace

What is new in version 2.5.2:

  • Faster Quick Open content searching
  • Improved overall performance and stability
  • Extract and override CSS now creates a new split
  • Improved CSS override, including better selector matching
  • Folded blocks can now be indented
  • Some files with Japanese characters were skipped when using Find in Files
  • Fixed an issue where Find and Replace could skip the last match
  • Improved dragging and dropping items in the Clips sidebar
  • Fixed an issue where some Clips placeholders could change a document's encoding
  • Fixed an issue where files could get stuck in the queue
  • Updated Preview's User Agent string versions
  • Autocomplete and highlighting improvements, including Python, JavaScript and SCSS
  • No longer close open remote files with unsaved changes when the server is unmounted
  • Improved bracket highlighting in presence of regular expressions
  • Better selector matching for Jump to Style
  • Expired SSL certificate warnings can be dismissed more reliably
  • Fixed several bugs related to external Git changes
  • Code folding automatically scrolls to keep context visible
  • Preview now works for pages protected by Basic authentication
  • Dragging newly installed Sidebar plug-ins to the dock will work more reliably
  • YAML and .sh files can be edited again
  • Fixed an issue where some Books were unavailable when running in Japanese
  • Remote refresh of file listings now updates metadata
  • Server port no longer adds a thousands comma
  • Renaming a file now applies appropriate syntax mode
  • Fixed an issue where brackets were not automatically closed in some cases
  • Added "Don't Show Again" option to line endings warning
  • Change marks no longer overlay matched brackets
  • Added support for 'HashKnownHosts' SSH config option

What is new in version 2.5.1:

- Shortened the auto-complete pop-up delay
- Improved indexer performance on 10.7 and 10.8
- Fixed an issue with the publishing list clearing unexpectedly
- Improved unicode support in terminal
- Included new Panic Palette color theme
- Fixed a bug a bug that could cause SCM credentials to be forgotten
- Fixed handling of .ts files
- Fixed many, many other bugs


14-day trial

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