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Version: 8.2.1 updated
Upload Date: 18 Jan 18
Developer: Ben Spink
Distribution Type: Shareware
Price: 40.00 $
Downloads: 31
Size: 124618 Kb

Rating: 2.7/5 (Total Votes: 3)

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CrushFTP handles FTP, SFTP (SSH FTP), FTPS (FTP over SSL), HTTP, HTTPS, WebDAV, and WebDAV SSL. WebDAV allows you to use the OS X Finder to connect to the server and work on it as if it were another hard drive on your machine. Read, write, rename. all with WebDAV. The built in fully customizable WebInterface allows you to present a website to customers so they can easily upload files to you, or download files to you. It has support for drag and drop uploading on the Web site, as well as the ability to upload folders while zipping them on the fly. This saves time and bandwidth. Or you can use the browser uploader to queue up file transfers and submit them all at once. Easily setup e-mails to come to you when a user uploads a files. You can drag and drop folders on a user to grant them access to the folder. The user will then only be able to access that folder. Lastly, the plugin support for CrushFTP allows for a whole new set of expandable features. Includes extensive logging options and auto ban usernames features.

What is new in this release:

Version 8.2.1 fixes a web upload bug.

What is new in version 8.2:

Minor improvements on UI speed, security improvements, SFTP DH size fix, and a vulnerability fix.

What is new in version 8.1:

Minor improvements on UI, security improvements, hadoop and Azure support.

What is new in version 8.0.4:

Fixes: _0:fix for HTML5 uploads

What is new in version 8.0.2:

- HTML5 based upload system with 4x faster upload speeds, resume support, and auto retry.
- Federating servers...multiple servers linked into one Linked Servers, managed and monitored from the master server.
- Limited Server allows for a server to run with restricted filesystem access for "user data" and "server config" areas.
- Server memory can be set from the dashboard now
- User data can now be replicated to another server via a journaled replication system
- Recycle bin now resets the date for easier time based cleanup
- UI improvements to CrushSync systray/menu item for quick access
- updated SFTP libraries for more modern ciphers and architecture
- updated threading model for higher performance connection handling
- GoogleDrive for VFS data storage is supported now
- copy task items between jobs
- Job monitoring by user or group support
- support for job organization in job groups
- Dropped old plugins: PostBack,LaunchProcess,AutoUnzip. CrushTask replaces all of them.
- updated reports UI, more enhancements coming
- CrushClient local agent is a new tool which now has an advanced CrushClientUI
- improved slideshow playback for large folders with thousands of images
- support for password based encryption in PGP files instead of key based
- allow editing SSH port setting changes without disconnecting current users
- supports the proxy protocol v1 header for servers behind load balancers that want to know the user's true IP
- allows for changing speed limits on the fly for existing connections
- files can now be locked, unlocked for more of a content management system
- allows an end user the ability to download a prior revision of a file that has been replaced
- reports can be run at hourly intervals
- IPv6 support for IP banning and limiting connections for ports or users
- Ability to delegate a Linked Job out to a CrushClient running as an agent in managed mode.
- jQuery library updates
- Telnet debug utility available on all admin areas
- Previewing a video file can play a lower resolution pre-generated file instead of the full version.

What is new in version 7.7.0:

  • _1:added check for update to check build
  • _2:added sort task item
  • _14:added download of HTTP response item in CrushTask
  • _17:added {protocol} variable for crushtask.
  • _18:allow controlling max outgoing http buffer (GDrive).
  • _19:posix group supports variables.
  • _25:crushtask error scenarios pass in the item of error now for variable references
  • _28:added block overwrite pattern to crushtask copy/move
  • _29:added append mode for CrushTask
  • _36:improved job report schedule to give more details.
  • _38:FTP now uses configured TLS versions
  • _40:added CrushTask process only first item flags across most task items
  • _44:tunnel version 3 is now available
  • _45:added session cache async to disk
  • _46:individual session logging can be disabled
  • _47:adds copy unique name pattern
  • _48:added custom user session log location
  • _52:CrushClient can handle command line file transfers and be scripted out.
  • _54:Added support for DES: scheme on passwords.
  • _59:auto remove old expired internal share references
  • _62:added new report for failed logins
  • _63:added randomize home folder name for LDAP
  • _67:allows forcing delays between commands in SFTP protocol.
  • _70:jobs can be limited to one instance per server, or per cluster of servers
  • _74:added type variable for deletes and renames
  • _75:added type variable for downloads and uploads
  • _78:added support for custom upload form meta info from DMZ
  • _84:added priority to serverbeat
  • _85:added ability to run a linked job on a DMZ server.
  • _87:added ability to do chunked native uploads in web browsers for faster upload speeds.
  • _94:added pack200, Z,XZ,LZMA compress/decompress types for CrushTask
  • _96:added support for connection profiles in jobs.
  • _97:added user and count info for security user hammering alert
  • _98:added alert type for when CrushFTP is restarted
  • _99:dmz security alerts are forwarded to internal server
  • _101:added trim function support for text functions and auto trims alert_msg
  • _102:added additional ban security alert.
  • _110:added remote file client for running processes as a user in windows.
  • _113:added ability to route as2 connections out through a DMZ.
  • _117:added as2 message signature validation options
  • _120:added ability to compute basic math expressions in CrushTask variables
  • _125:added event for when a suer shares
  • _126:added tag to log output, and support for google captcha v2, and logging tags at the start of the line
  • _130:added custom event type
  • _132:http sessions can now honor session timeout configurations overriding the http session timeout value
  • _135:added ability for Link job task to run on other internal servers and other where to run choices.
  • _138:added support for bind_ip parts in template user
  • _139:added auto retry on loading usernames from XML
  • _144:added resume support for S3Crush
  • _145:improved DMZ logging, added alert type for month items
  • _146:added 's3_max_buffer_download' flag to control memory usage on S#Crush downloads.
  • _147:added segmenting support to s3crushclient to overcome resume issues on large files
  • _150:added max upload/downlaod day and month available amount value support for web listings
  • _153:csrf protection is enabled by default now
  • _154:sped up S3 plain connections via caching
  • _157:added cwd_stat flag for ftp client
  • _160:added support for dir size calculations in WebInterface.
  • _162:added ASCII flag for PGP ecnryption on the fly for VFS.
  • _164:added temp_name feature to coyp and mvoe tasks.
  • _165:dmz prefs now have new properties added by default
  • _166:faster job jump/link scenarios with less delay.
  • _169:added EXPORT ciphers to permanent disable list.
  • _174:enhanced advanced mode transfers on resuming, and overwrite scenarios.

What is new in version 7.2.0:

  • tunnel improvements for disconnected sockets
  • multi segment downloading from S3 bucket
  • thumbnail previews now operates on VFS items and not just local file:// references (SMB, FTP, SFTP)
  • task have {working_dir} variable they can access
  • added link task
  • added support for Job references in folder monitor, alerts, and events
  • allow access to server_info variables
  • support custom java classes for task type
  • added additional cache options for FindCache, Copy/Move cache
  • added date time scenarios for Wait task
  • allow settings the supported MACs for SFTP
  • sftp can do multithreaded listings
  • support and / or operator for WebInterface search
  • added alert type for monitoring server variables
  • hide actual file path from upload exceptions
  • improved SQL speed for users stored in a DB by using better caching methods
  • allow mass updating of users as a limited admin, not just full admins
  • supports MSSQL for StatsDB now and reports
  • ignores requests for getadminxmllisting by non admins and limitedadmins
  • allow share generation to suggest a user/pass to utilize
  • support s3crush revision tracking
  • allow a user to upload and overwrite a file that was in use by them (from a leftover dead connection)
  • increased SFTP buffer size default to improve Linux performance issues
  • stop excessive user backups done at every login
  • allow events to be applied to only shared accounts a user makes
  • removed duplicate login event call
  • added user usage report
  • improved job monitor speed to ask for less info unless needed
  • server log now set to click to activate
  • added minimum upload speed, and minimum download speed restrictions for alerts. (negative value to trigger an alert)
  • multithreaded CrushSync uploads and downloads
  • tunnel improvements for disconnected sockets
  • added accelerated multi segmented downloads from S3
  • better memory handling to keep caches clean dup after they won't be used again
  • added ability to cache all local file items in memory for faster searches
  • added magic ports starting with 444 in tunnels to know if the port is FTP or HTTP
  • added test VFS button
  • crushftp defaults to TLS mode by default, SSLv3 is optional. (Poodle vulnerability fix)
  • supports unencrypted DMZ connection for speed
  • webInterface supports file sizes on folders when uploading with advanced mode
  • added memory based filesystem support for temps storage location
  • added {working_dir} variable to CrushTask
  • added Link task to link in other jobs to a job.
  • more variables are accessible to crush task action now, all sever_info items
  • added support for custom CrushTask java task items from 3rd parties.
  • added support for modifying FindCache references in CrushTask for Copy and Move actions
  • added date and time scenarios to WaitTask until...
  • added support to "touch" a file sign a rename
  • added garbageCollection on demand calls to CrushTask.
  • added MD5 file hash calculations on file copies in CrushTask
  • added file timing on CrushTask Copy actions
  • added {full_log} variable reference for CrushTask which could be embedded in emails
  • AS2 supports HTTPS client cert auth
  • added completion types for CrushTask of killed, cancelled, or completed
  • allow setting custom headers in HTTP CrushTask items
  • PGP task supports hinting on decrypted file size
  • added looping on email ask to attach one file at a time
  • added support for starttls on PopImap task
  • drastically improved the speed of short running jobs
  • added {MMMM} for full month names in CrushTask
  • allows any heap memory size for CrushFTPDrive and CrushSync
  • added sync now menu item to force a sync in CrushSync
  • added growl style notifications in CrushSync to warn you if sync is offline
  • added last_login tracking for User Manager accounts
  • added max_logins onto User Usage report
  • added {web_link_end} variable for Share email body
  • support quota usage for plugin based users
  • added support to generate heap dumps for admin users for troubleshooting
  • added support for Radius challenge / response system for one time use codes
  • added max expiration day config for shares and default expiration days
  • added support for responding with failed MDN messages
  • added reverse connections for ports in DMZ scenarios
  • added audit report and started tracking additional audit items like rename, delete
  • added support for events running in async mode event by event
  • added support to find user for password reset when in SQL mode for users
  • added history tracking for current uploads/downloads in progress for admin UI graphs
  • added per user password salting support
  • added job queueing for async events
  • added salt to tab delimited import
  • increased ACL lookup speed for LDAP ACL mode
  • added {size} for sharing email
  • added net mask support for ServerBeat
  • added support for events and statistics on copy/paste actions
  • added control for max event threads.
  • supports smtp mail From with pretty formatting
  • hides MACOSX garbage items from zip previews
  • added flag to control writing session logs
  • fixed some SMB issues for rename move actions
  • fixed bug with find task when no times begin found not throwing an error
  • fixed multiple s3 buckets in single VFS
  • fixed name reference when times are unzipped
  • fixed job restoring after a server restart (multiple threads scenario)
  • webdav fixes
  • fixed max login time and dmz scenario
  • fixed encrypting the URL in VFS
  • fixed VIP movement issues with ServerBeat when both machines are offline
  • fixed memory leak with prior FTP sessions
  • fixed missing log entries for HTTP/SFTP RETR & STOR operations
  • fixed SSL manager error with blank trusted cert list
  • fixed csrf on downloads
  • Jobs UI fixes
  • login.html file redirection link restriction fix
  • sftp logging fix
  • fix overwrite not working on File objects when specified
  • fix for s3 downloads no closing properly
  • fixed client cert auth connects for HTTPS
  • fixed symlink support for SFTP client instead of removing them from listings
  • fixed SMB authentication errors
  • fixed DMZ internally routing connections through internal server not working
  • fixed bugs with known_host file support in SFTP client
  • fixed restoring a job after server restart and loading up prior cached file info
  • fixed names on CrushTask unzipped items
  • fixed file length references on CrushTask copied items
  • fixed UserList task on how it calls its subtask items
  • fixed closing connections bug with CopyTask actions
  • fixed bug with running multiple copies of the same job simultaneously (called from an event)
  • CrushSync threading fixes when multiple syncs are configured at a time
  • protects against getting banned during an upgrade
  • increased time-out for CrushSync and really slow dir listings
  • fixed bug with email templates with spaces in their name
  • restored http header access for plugins
  • fixed issue with TempAccounts and DMZ mode
  • fixed dir listings for FTPES clients and empty folders
  • fixed date locale for miniURLs
  • don't waste connections on TempAccounts with a limit configured
  • fixed bug with upper/lower username case flag
  • fix race condition for plugin loosing active username info
  • fixed bug with access-allow-origin not working
  • fixed bug when log rolling greater than 20 days
  • fixed deadlocks scenario where the server could freeze under the right scenario
  • fixed bug taking down DMZ instance
  • improved socket cleanup for high load
  • fixed reverse proxy not matching path too
  • fixed default SQL config with datediff
  • fixed keystore arrangement of certs when adding in trusted certs
  • fixed bug with change password while having SMB or S3 filesystem
  • fixed bug in SSL test not testing the keystore properly
  • fixed bug where field login count wasn't reset on success
  • fixed excessive logging in WebInterface actions
  • fixed DMZ bug with bad username/email requests
  • fixed linked vfs and SQL User Manager.
  • no temp rename on upload for S3Crush objects
  • fixed missing keep-alive header on redirect
  • fixed locked auth object for SMTP email
  • improved CSR generation for UK customers
  • fixed as2 message ids
  • fixed issues using TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2
  • fixed hanging dir in SFTP when no files existed
  • fixed errors on mass uploads where cleanup is discarding them
  • fixes for UNC paths and Preview generation


Can't install service/daemon, and only 5 concurrent users can be connected.

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