DEVONsphere Express

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DEVONsphere Express
Software Details:
Version: 1.9 updated
Upload Date: 11 Jun 17
Developer: DEVONtechnologies
Distribution Type: Commercial
Price: 9.95 $
Downloads: 7
Size: 11672 Kb

Rating: 4.0/5 (Total Votes: 2)

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Be more productive by letting DEVONsphere Express keep track of related emails, articles on the same subject, or similar web pages. Discover the hidden connection between seemingly unrelated files.

What is new in this release:


  • Support for Adobe InDesign files.
  • Support for flat OmniOutliner 5 files.
  • Support for .fountain plain text files.
  • Support for .m3u8 playlists.


  • Support added for DEVONthink Personal.
  • Revised results list; categories stay visible when scrolling and can be collapsed.
  • Revised search; finds terms distributed between title and content. This is closer to the behavior of Spotlight.
  • Improved See Also supports longer text selections and the source URLs of the current note in Evernote or of the selected result in DEVONagent Pro.
  • ?Up and ?Down arrow keys can be used to navigate the selection even if the search field has the focus.
  • Clearing recent searches resets the system-wide find pasteboard too.
  • Improved VoiceOver support.
  • Help > Contact sends an email via the default email client again.
  • Help > Report Bug provides more information.
  • Screenshots in the documentation updated to Retina resolution.
  • Improved support for latest versions of Apple Mail.
  • Initialization of index is delayed to make application launch smoother.
  • Much faster and more reliable reading of Finder/Spotlight comments.
  • More reliable filtering of links to search engines and of advertisements.
  • Improved indexing of Tinderbox documents.
  • Binary precompiled header files are no longer indexed.
  • Support added for App Transport Security of OS X El Capitan.
  • Improved compatibility to HTTP proxies.
  • More reliable handling of background tasks.
  • Improved checking for updates.
  • Improved console logging.
  • Improved overall reliability and performance.


  • Issue where files located in the Downloads folder and opened by sandboxed applications were not always supported by See Also.
  • Issue where opening the preferences for the first time could cause a delay.
  • Issue where proximity operators using wildcards, e.g., 'word1 NEAR word2*', didn't work correctly.
  • Issue where the about and launch panels could appear white.
  • Issue where the menu extra could appear in a wrong position if the menu bar is automatically hidden.
  • Issue where the text of .emlx email messages wasn't indexed on OS X El Capitan and Sierra.
  • Issues causing unnecessary console messages.
  • Issues related to memory management.
  • Issues related to moving DEVONsphere Express to the Applications folder, especially on macOS Sierra.
  • Issues related to the click handling of checkboxes in the Options panel.
  • Issues related to the relevancy slider and the search field on macOS Sierra.
  • Issues related to multi-threading.
  • Rare crash related to indexing Spotlight comments.
  • Rare crash related to the Preferences panel.


  • Categories from the filter popover; the web search can be still enabled via the action menu or a keyboard shortcut.
  • OpenMeta support; only Finder tags are now used.
  • Support for DEVONthink 2.7.6 and older.

What is new in version 1.8.4:


  • Textbundle files (.textbundle, .textpack) are indexed and searchable.


  • Optimized also for OS X El Capitan.
  • HTML-to-text conversion.
  • UTF-32 support.
  • ?Up and ?Down keys can be used again to navigate the selection even if the Quick Look panel is the key window
  • Alignment of menu extra window in case of crowded menu bars.
  • Revised startup alert in case of invalid installation outside of the Applications folder.
  • Registration file is now stored in Aplication Support to avoid conflicts with preferences cleaners.
  • Reliability in case of damaged indexes.
  • Communication with background tasks; more reliable termination of tasks on quit.
  • Memory management.
  • Performance and overall reliability.


  • The last category in "Preferences > Categories" wasn't accessible.
  • .exe and .hlp files with a text HFS type were indexed as plain text.
  • Crash (caused by ShortcutRecorder framework) after changing the system appearance.

What is new in version 1.8.3:


  • Support for .webhistory and .webbookmark bookmark files.
  • Support for history of Safari 8.x -- can be searched again.
  • Support for .asciidoc, .xsd, and .wsdl files.
  • Support for .epub and .ibooks ebooks -- no longer requires third-party Spotlight importers; makes only the text of ebooks without DRM searchable and uses the cover image, if available, in previews.
  • Alternate menu item Help > Report Bug -- hold ?Option while the Help menu is open; creates a message in the default email client, if supported, or Apple Mail containing the console log and all related crash logs.
  • Retina splash screens.


  • Compatibility to OS X Yosemite 10.10.2.
  • See Also algorithm -- returns more precise results.
  • Progress indicator while indexing bookmarks, history, and contacts.
  • Indexing of bookmarks and history -- handles invalid file contents more gracefully.
  • Indexing of plain and rich texts -- handles invalid or unknown UTIs more gracefully.
  • Sorting -- uses system-wide settings now.
  • HTML to plain text conversion.
  • Error logging to the console.
  • Performance and reliability -- indexes files up to 10 percent faster.


  • Rare crashes of background task -- memory management improvements work around issues of OS X.
  • Handling of .sdef files.
  • Minor bugs and glitches.

What is new in version 1.8.2:


  • Retrieving of Finder comments optimized.
  • Reliability in case of invalid filenames or damaged filesystems.
  • Overall performance and reliability.


  • Automatic updating of index didn't always ignore hidden folders and their contents.
  • Damaged or incompatible Word documents could bloat the index. slow down indexing, and increase the memory and disk usage.

What is new in version 1.7:

  • New category "Folders".
  • Support for OS X Mavericks Finder tags and comments.
  • Folder "~/Library/Messages/Archive" is automatically indexed if the "Messages & Chats" category is enabled.
  • Size of documents is displayed in preview pane.
  • Right- or ?Control-clicking the menu extra icon gives access to frequently used commands.
  • Command "Show/Hide Web Search" allows to quickly toggle the web search.
  • 64-bit support.


  • Revised, slightly smaller index. The index has to be updated at least once after the update.
  • Faster indexing of HTML pages.
  • Faster creation of preview images.
  • Faster and more reliable Quick Look panel on OS X Mountain Lion and Mavericks.
  • Support for OpenMeta.
  • Dates are localized using the system-wide settings.
  • Security & Privacy preference pane is opened by Welcome Assistant on Mavericks instead of Universal Access preference pane.
  • Indexing, e.g. in case of documents with an invalid HFS type.
  • Handling of incompatible Spotlight metadata importer plugins while indexing.
  • Sparkle framework updated.
  • Reliability and performance.


  • .scptd, .workflow, .nib and .xib packages were not added to the index.
  • German and French localizations.


  • Deprecated QuickTime framework.

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