Keyboard Maestro

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Keyboard Maestro
Software Details:
Version: 8.1.1 updated
Upload Date: 6 Mar 18
Distribution Type: Shareware
Price: 36.00 $
Downloads: 29
Size: 22833 Kb

Rating: 3.0/5 (Total Votes: 1)

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Keyboard Maestro is a powerful macro program for Mac OS X. Keyboard Maestro will take your Macintosh experience to a new level in Ease of Use. With Keyboard Maestro you can design your own shortcuts and activate them at any time, you can navigate through running applications and open windows with Program Switcher, and you can work with an unlimited number of clipboards - all by pressing simple keystrokes.

What is new in this release:

  • Fixed Append to File action.
  • Fixed AppleScript for creating dictionaries and dictionary keys.
  • Fixed an issue with Trigger Macro by Name.

What is new in version 8.0.4:

  • Added "increases" and "decreases" options to MIDI controller change trigger.
  • Support array index for many tokens.
  • Added Search & Replace and Count/Find facility to Keyboard Maestro Engine AppleScript dictionary.
  • Added Report Updates Only When Editor Activates to General Preferences.

What is new in version 8.0.2:

  • Ensure changes are saved after selecting variable/function/tokens by name.
  • Fixed the spelling of "Systen" in Write System Clipboard to File.
  • Set Clipboard to clipboard filters in the Clipboard Switcher were pasting.
  • Corrected the Tool Tip of the Action and Trigger warnings.
  • Avoid a crashing bug when renaming macros.
  • Forcibly remove any invalid variables from variable database.

What is new in version 7.3.1:

  • Fixed Send Mail Message send now option in Sierra.
  • Fixed read/write variables in Custom HTML Prompt in Sierra.
  • Ensure composite image action works on pixels, regardless of DPI.
  • Fixed variable popup menu occluding to field in Substring action.
  • Fixed a possible memory corruption issue.
  • Added warnings and advice about App Translocation.

What is new in version 7.3:

  • Added contextual menu to No Action pseudo-action.
  • Added option to disable automatically showing the Action Selector.
  • Added NSSupportsAutomaticGraphicsSwitching option as the integrated GPU should be sufficient.
  • Added "Or by URL" in the Trigger selection.
  • Added Set DPI image action.
  • Added %ExecutingMacroGroupUUID% and %ExecutingThisMacroGroupUUID% tokens.
  • Added Edit→Find in All Macros (Command-Option-F).
  • Added "loop" as a search synonym for the Repeat action.
  • Added disable backslash or token processing option to Open URL action.
  • Added Timeout option to various Safari/Chrome actions.
  • Added descriptive text then macro is disabled or all actions are disabled.
  • Open URL action reports and optionally aborts on failures.
  • Improved dragging display of File Reference Button.
  • Support dragging Macro Groups to the trash.
  • Support Copy & Paste for Macro Groups.
  • Search more thoroughly for images if the source area is smaller.
  • Significantly sped up switching to macro/smart groups with lots of macros.
  • Remember scroll position of recently edited macros.
  • Add accessibility access for "selected" boolean.
  • Fixed an issue importing/duplicating macros with references to other macros with Switch actions.
  • Ensure all the image resizing actions operate on pixels, regardless of DPI.
  • Fixed occasional left/right jiggle of macro edit detail view.
  • Removed ambiguous close button from Prompt For User Input window.
  • Ensure search looks for matches in the optional parameter of Execute Macro actions.
  • Default Send Mail Message to just opening the new mail message.
  • Fixed code signing issue for macOS Sierra.
  • Report failure for Open File if file does not exist.

What is new in version 7.2.1:

  • Allow "hotkey:" alone to search for any macro with a hot key trigger.
  • Added Enable/Disable/Toggle as synonyms for Set Macro Enable in New Action by Name.
  • Added MouseGetCountdown hidden preference.
  • Ensure duplicated/pasted/etc Type a Keystroke actions do not focus on the keystroke.
  • Changed Display Clipboard to retain keyboard focus (so Command-W works).
  • Allow 0 for MaxClipboardHistory hidden preference.
  • Properly record Double and Triple Click and Drags.
  • Show Status Menu action allows keyboard activation/movement (after short delay).
  • Change "Select a Window" new action name to "Bring a Window to the Front".
  • Changing the name of a macro is immediately reflected in actions that refer to it.
  • Correctly sort iTunes tokens in Insert Token menu.
  • Fixed issue with gCurrentExecuteActionListEntry assertion.
  • Fixed an issue importing/duplicating macros with references to other macros.
  • Fixed an issue searching for macros by UUID.
  • Fixed an issue where shrinking the window could result in column sizes less that the minimum allowed.
  • Fixed a bug with Prompt For User Input buttons.
  • Fixed a bug where actions within Switch actions were not being searched.
  • Fixed a bug when selecting a macro to edit from a palette.
  • Fixed a bug with Folder Changed triggers if macros were copy and pasted.
  • Fixed Web Server password to be change immediately you enter text, not waiting for Tab.
  • Fixed unicode surrogate pairs display in web server.
  • Fixed Clearing Recent Applications to apply to both editor and engine.
  • Significantly optimized setup of variables in Execute JavaScript in browser.

What is new in version 7.2:

  • Added token variable array access like %Variable%Var[5]%
  • Added 'is before' and 'is after' to Clipboard, Text, Script, Environment and Variable conditions.
  • Added 'is before' and 'is after' to Switch case conditions.
  • Added CALCULATE() function which processes token text and then calculates.
  • Added CHARACTERS(), WORDS(), LINES() functions which process token text.
  • Added trigger: and hotkey: search filters.
  • Added name: search filter.
  • Added Evergreen palette theme thanks to @iampariah on the forum.
  • Added Reopen Windows option to Application Switcher.
  • Clipboards display plain text when rich text is blank and plain text is not.
  • Use canonical order of modifiers with Smart Group searching.
  • Allow Private Use Characters (like [APPLE]) in Typed String triggers.
  • Make the All Macros Smart Group immutable.
  • Macros take on the icon of the action if there is a single non-comment icon.
  • Add "Delay" as synonym for Pause/Wait when searching for actions.
  • Better file name for exports of more than one macro.
  • Show calculation in Set Variable to Calculation title.
  • Support text token expansion in Substrings In.
  • Focus on key input field when Type a Keystroke action is added but not when disclosed.
  • Defend against a crash when the system cannot find a running application.
  • Added Write/Append File disable backslash or text token processing option.
  • Added Insert/Display Text disable backslash or text token processing option.
  • Added Set Clipboard to Text disable backslash or text token processing option.
  • Fixed Set Variable to Text disable backslash or text token processing option.
  • Fixed code signing issue for macOS sierra.
  • Fix wiki help links for File and Plug In actions.
  • Fix variables with unicode characters in calculations.
  • Fixed an issue with the rotating status icon when the editor was also performing tasks.
  • Avoid filling the log up complaining about missing optional Results field in Plug In Actions.
  • Fixed a display glitch in Plug In Actions.
  • Deleting the first item of the clipboard history did not trigger the Clipboard Changed trigger.
  • Adjust Prompt For User Input action to not set default keys for incorrectly "Cancel Macro" flagged buttons.
  • Fixed a bug in Typed String triggers after a simulated delete and optional non-ASCII character.
  • Use localizedStandardCompare for palette ordering.
  • Added %ExecutingThisMacro%, %ExecutingThisMacroGroup%, %ExecutingThisMacroUUID% tokens.
  • Added %FinderInsertionLocation% token (usually path to front Finder window).
  • Fixed an issue tracking window changes immediately after the app is launched.
  • Fixed Set Action Delay for This Macro to apply to the whole macro, not just the action list.
  • Fixed issue with %TriggerValue% for focused window changes trigger.
  • Fixed Set Macro Enable not causing palettes to adjust.
  • Fixed Press Command, Press Tab, Release Command, Release Tab bug.
  • Fixed line count to include blank lines.
  • Fix spelling of 'focused'.

What is new in version 7.1.1:

  • Group, Until, While focus on contained action list when inserted/disclosed.
  • Optimizations to drop simple text expansion macros size by 30%, down to 160 bytes.
  • Ensure Creation/Modification time is set when macro groups / macros are created.
  • Add Split/List/Loop as search matches for For Each action.
  • Add Wait as search matches for Pause actions.
  • Add Pause as search matches for Wait for Browser actions.
  • Add Say as search matches for Speak Text action.
  • Add Split as search matches for Substrings collection.
  • Fixed bug with periodic trigger units.
  • Fixed bug with finding images on screen.

What is new in version 7.0.3:


  • Fixed a crash in getting Keyboard Layout Icons.
  • Fixed an issue with Conflict Palettes with more than one column.
  • Worked around (again) Mail AppleScript bug that breaks Send Mail Message with attachments.
  • Added help to the Insert Action menu (when holding the Option key).
  • Changed Execute Macro with Parameter to tokenize its parameter.

Editor Improvements

  • Added Smart Groups.
  • Added Insert Action by Name.
  • Added autocomplete of text tokens, functions, variables and search tokens.
  • Added Insert Action menu to Edit menu.
  • Added disclosure folding for sub-action lists.
  • Added action menu and contextual menu to macro actions.
  • Added option to rename actions.
  • Added color option to actions.
  • Added note option to actions.
  • Added control over Abort on Failure of actions.
  • Added control over Notification on Failure of actions.
  • Added Sort by Date Created; Use Count; Time Saved.
  • Added Paste Above to action/contextual menu.
  • Added Help link to action/contextual menu.
  • Added Help link when option-selecting triggers/actions/functions/tokens/collections/conditions.
  • Added status line below Macro Groups and Macro columns.
  • Added Get/Go buttons to Mouse Click action.
  • Added Macro Inspector window.
  • Added Mouse Display window.
  • Added Share button to main editor window.
  • Share macros or actions directly to the forum.
  • Added Import/Export of sets of actions.
  • Changed search in editor to support words and quoted phrases.
  • Changed search to support group:, app:, universal:, all:, enabled:.
  • Highlight found triggers and actions in editor.
  • Changed error display to only orange if the issue is an invalid variable value.
  • Used/Backward/Forward/History macro history buttons.
  • Improved display of toggle buttons (eg Modifiers/Days of the Week).
  • Honor user's locale setting for First Day of the Week.
  • Require Command-Delete to delete Macros Groups and Macro Groups.
  • Added Deselect All in the Edit menu.
  • Added Enter Action and Parent Action in the Edit menu.
  • Single click on a selected item deselects other items.
  • Sort the trigger list, conditions list and collection list.
  • Limited the size of the Undo stack in the editor.
  • Changed Insert Token and Function menus to be hierarchical.
  • Add an "All Macros" entry in the macro selector popup macro.
  • If you delete a macro, macro group or action, the following item is selected.

What is new in version 7.0.1:

  • Allow 10.10.0-2, with a warning about Yosemite bugs.
  • New Safari/Google Chrome Tab now works if there are no windows open.
  • Added Gemmell Purple palette style.
  • Add control over notification of timeout failures.
  • Turn gear icon blue if there is a note attached to the action.
  • Support opening .kmaction files to add it to the current macro.
  • Support Option-Return/Enter in Trigger Macro by Name to edit the macro.
  • Fixed a crash when you switch the Screen Capture area to "Area".
  • Fixed a crash when editing the theme style of a macro group with no macros.
  • Fixed a crash and other issues with the Folder Changed trigger.
  • Fixed Wireless trigger multiple firing issue.
  • Fixed Application "All Applications" trigger to only trigger for foreground applications.
  • Fixed the Copy/Cut actions, not waiting long enough.
  • Fixed the Copy to Named Clipboard action, not waiting long enough.
  • Fixed Escape doing Get instead of Cancel on the Share to Forum sheet.
  • Fixed use of user locale for %ShortDate% et al tokens.
  • Fixed web server custom.css MIME type set to text/css.
  • Fixed multiline text fields in plugin action editors.
  • Fixed a problem with clipboard history in Word 2016.
  • Fixed non-edit display of hot key tapped twice trigger.
  • Fixed gear menu icon to update when the action was not disclosed.
  • Fixed Undo while search field is selected to apply only to the search field.
  • Fixed Find Image action to return the full results (left,top,width,height,fuzz).
  • Fixed Set Color of actions on first control click to have color swatches.
  • Changed Share to Forum to use PNG instead of TIFF.
  • ChangedShare to Forum to post by https.
  • Worked around system bug with GetProcessForPID that affected activating applications.
  • Cleaned up some application handling code.
  • Detect possible re-entrant call to load macros.

What is new in version 6.4.8:

  • The Speak Text action now works around a Yosemite bug which caused it to complete immediate before speaking.
  • Workaround Yosemite bug that causes popup menu items turning white when you hover over them.
  • Fixed Yosemite display of Welcome screen.
  • Fixed Yosemite freeze with network reachability (typically happens after sleep).
  • Add Help button with information about Yosemite Accessibility Permission bugs.
  • Limit the Undo stack size.
  • Add support for Corsair K95.
  • Allow up to 9999 Seconds/Minutes/Hours in While Logged In Trigger.
  • Fixed behaviour of Image Actions on Retina Macs.
  • Fixed misspelled Accessibly.
  • Fixed misspelled "Pixek Height" in Get Image Size action.

What is new in version 6.4.7:

  • Fixed a drawing issue in the Clipboard History in Yosemite DP6.
  • Fixed a crash in the editor.

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