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Version: 9.16.5 updated
Upload Date: 18 Jan 18
Developer: CERL Sound Group
Distribution Type: Shareware
Price: 65.00 $
Downloads: 2
Size: 5659 Kb

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Lime is a WYSIWYG music score editor. It supports input from MIDI instruments such as a MIDI keyboard as well as MIDI playback. It uses QuickTime MIDI if not MIDI playback instruments are available.

What is new in this release:

Provide piece option to use Unicode. This is recommended for middle Eastern or Oriental languages.
No longer 'prune' long notes from staff chords if stem directions are such that a chord is multi-length. Fixes issue in adding long notes to short chords in the same voice.
Allow wide text annotations to be selected and edited. Enable horizontal scrolling if a portion is not visible in the music window. Make the selection points of such annotations visible within the window.

What is new in version 9.16.4:

Fix problem when deleting a part if the part was the one selected.
Separate options for context from options for the whole piece.
Improvements to handling symbols at end of systems. Fix to deleting symbols in middle of a system.
Significant improvement in performance when pasting music.
Advanced facility to align bar lines with the 1st chord in the measure.
Miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

What is new in version 9.16.3:

Fix occasional problems with Undoing. Warn when undoing over a save.
Fix editing of Hebrew and Arabic annotations.
Change default accidentals so that the major sharp keys are consistent with the major flat ones (with preference option to use the original defaults).
Add piece option to have stemlets when beaming over rests. Also minor fixes to beaming in certain combinations of forced stem directions.
Add option to include full ratio in tuplet brackets.
Add more control over placement of symbols at system breaks.
When switching context, always stay on the same bar.
Add octave change value to key signatures.
Enhance 'Parts and Voices' to support specification of an arrangement until a specific bar number or until end of current system, reverting afterwards.
Improvements to 'systems' dialog when using a list of breaks.
In the 'parts and voices' and 'systems' dialogs, fix occasional problems with non-printing voices and when number of staves changes.
Further improvements to micro-tone support.
Fix Midi export in rare cases when an extra channel is used.
Improvements to Brailling and Lime Aloud support.
Fix occasional vanishing cross system extended lines (sorry). Fix position of end of an inter-syllable underline (sorry).

What is new in version

Fix occasional crash when pasting multiple voices (sorry).

What is new in version 9.16.2:

Significant improvements in MusicXML support, including chord symbols, endings, and quarter-tones.
Fix location of end of extended underline to be flush with the right of the notehead.
Add size option to chord symbol and fret grid assistants.
Fix measure insertion before nested triplets, special slurs, and special accidentals.
Fix font sizing when editing backslash annotation and when editing annotations on a different staff size.
Improvements in hearing microtones (micro-tuning) and portamentos.
Resizable special accidental piano window.
Propogate time signature at end of system to next system.
Fix issues when exporting midi files, including placement of changing time signatures and tempos.
Fix issue when dragging an extended line by its right end.
Fix occasional crash when using staff-drag to end of piece.
Improve warning logic when pasting multiple voices into a different key.
Fix to tracking if the staff of the selected voice stops printing.
Other minor fixes and improvements.

What is new in version 9.16.1:

Fix vanished annotations on complex, multi-voice staves (sorry).
Fix metronome while hearing a compound time signature when there are grace notes at measure start. Ensure metronome beats accurately.

What is new in version 9.16:

Add piece option to place articulation marks on voices on multi-voice staves in a unified direction like Lime 9.05.
Add ability to specify highest and lowest playable concert pitch for a voice or part.
Fix note n interpreted midi annotation.

What is new in version

Fix to MIDI import (broken in and export (sorry).

What is new in version

Fix playback on some Macs that was a semitone too low (sorry).
Fix to music XML importing lyrics and other text annotations (sorry).
Fix to playback on Windows if system is not turned off for over 24 days.
Once an upgraded or downgraded file is saved, 'save as' is no longer required.

What is new in version

Fix to music XML importing lyrics and other text annotations (sorry)
Fix to playback on Windows if system is not turned off for over 24 days.
Once an upgraded or downgraded file is saved, 'save as' is no longer required.

What is new in version 9.15.7:

Restore use of Delete/Backspace to delete notes, converting them to rests (disabled by mistake in 9.15.6, sorry).
Fix placement bug that occasionally placed a note too far right on a multi-stave system (introduced in 9.15.6, sorry).
Fix occasional hang when deleting measures in pieces with irregular measure lengths.
Improved placement of whole note rests after time signatures, keys or clefs. Prevent multi-measure rests being extended over double bar lines.
Eliminate the occasional memory problems when printing on Windows.
Fix colours on Macs when importing scores from Windows Lime.
Support printing of coloured lines on PowerPC Macs using PostScript. Note, however, that PostScript printing is deprecated as it is no longer needed.
MusicXML enhancements to handle some of the foibles of PDFtoMusic.
Sensible scrolling amounts when clicking in the scroll bars.
LimeLighter tweaks.

What is new in version

- Fixed hear tracking when voices stop and start.
- Fixed post script line width on old PPC Macs (sorry).

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