Mozilla Thunderbird Portable

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Mozilla Thunderbird Portable
Software Details:
Version: 52.6.0 updated
Upload Date: 7 Mar 18
Developer: PortableApps
Distribution Type: Freeware
Downloads: 30
Size: 42482 Kb

Rating: 2.0/5 (Total Votes: 5)

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Mozilla Thunderbird Portable is the Mozilla Thunderbird email client packaged as a portable app, so you can take your email, address book and account settings with you. Portable Thunderbird is the safe, fast email client that's easy to use. It has all the same great features as regular Thunderbird including quick message search, customizable views, support for IMAP/POP, or RSS support. Plus, it leaves no personal information behind on the machine you run it on, so you can take your email and address book with you on your iPod, flash drive or other portable storage device.

What is new in this release:

  • Fixed: Searching message bodies of messages in local folders, including filter and quick filter operations, not working reliably: Content not found in base64-encode message parts, non-ASCII text not found and false positives found.
  • Fixed: Defective messages (without at least one expected header) not shown in IMAP folders but shown on mobile devices.
  • Fixed Calendar: Unintended task deletion if numlock is enabled.
  • Various security fixes.

What is new in version 52.2.1:

Problems with Gmail (folders not showing, repeated email download, etc.) introduced in version 52.2.0.

What is new in version 52.1.0:

  • Fixed: Google Oauth setup can sometimes not progress to the next step
  • Fixed: Background images not working and other issues related to embedded images when composing email
  • Various security fixes

What is new in version 52.0.1:

Clicking on a link in an email may not open this link in the external browser.

What is new in version 45.7.1:

Fixed crash when viewing certain IMAP messages (introduced in 45.7.0).

What is new in version 45.6.0:

  • The system integration dialog was shown every time when starting Thunderbird
  • Fixed Various security fixes

What is new in version 45.2.0:

  • Invitations to events could not be printed.
  • Dragging and dropping of contacts from the contact list onto an addressbook while All Addressbooks is selected moved only one contact
  • Falsely reported not enough disk space during compacting
  • Links were not always detected properly in the message body (terminated early on "|", some long links not detected at all)

What is new in version 45.1.1:

  • When entering members into a mailing list, the enter key dismissed the panel instead of just moving onto the next line
  • Email without HTML elements was sent as HTML, despite "Delivery Format: Auto-detect" option
  • Options applied to a template were lost when the template was used.
  • Contacts could not be deleted when they were found through a search
  • Views from global searches did not respect "mail.threadpane.use_correspondents"

What is new in version 45.0:

  • Add a Correspondents column combining Sender and Recipient
  • Much better support for XMPP chatrooms and commands.
  • Remote content exceptions: Improved options to add exceptions.
  • Implement option to always use HTML formatting to prevent unexpected format loss when converting messages to plain text.
  • Use OpenStreetmap for maps (even allow the user to choose from list of map services)
  • Allow spell checking and dictionary selection in the subject line
  • Allow editing of From when composing a message.
  • Add dropdown in compose to allow specific setting of font size.
  • Return/Enter in composer will now insert a new paragraph by default (shift-Enter will insert a line break)
  • Allow copying of name and email address from the message header of an email
  • supports OAuth authentication.
  • Fixed: When sending e-mail which was composed using Chinese, Japanese or Korean characters, unwanted extra spaces were inserted within the text.
  • Fixed: Spell checker checked spelling in invisible HTML parts of the message.
  • Fixed: When saving a draft that is edited as new message, original draft was overwritten.
  • Fixed: External images not displayed in reply/forward
  • Fixed: Crashed in some cases while parsing IMAP messages.
  • Fixed: Properly preserve pre-formatted blocks in message replies.
  • Fixed: Copy/paste from a plain text editor lost white-space (multiple spaces/blanks, tabs, newlines)
  • Fixed: "Open Draft"/"Forward"/"Edit As New"/"Reply" created message composition with incorrect character encoding.
  • Fixed: Grouped By view sort direction change was broken, plus enabled custom column grouping.
  • Fixed: New emails into a mailbox did not adhere to sort order by received.
  • Fixed: attachments failed to upload.
  • Fixed: Drag and drop of multiple attachments failed to OS file folder.
  • Fixed: XMPP had connection problems for users with large rosters

What is new in version 38.7.1:

Disabled Graphite font shaping library.

What is new in version 38.6.0:

  • Various security fixes.
  • Filters ran on a different folder than selected
  • For Windows systems on roaming profiles, could not display messages after Thunderbird update (related to Lightning updates)

What is new in version 38.5.1:

Use a SHA-256 signing certificate for Windows builds, to meet new signing requirements.

What is new in version 38.3.0:

  • Saved files tab now implements Search field and Clear button.
  • (Right-)Clicking on a newsgroup now allows directly composing a message again.
  • Importing to the address book from CSV now works with international characters.
  • Thunderbird no longer crashes when executing filter rules when using maildir.
  • When using the maildir storage format, the INBOX folder is no longer deleted.
  • Emails with long References headers are now decoded correctly
  • Checking for new messages correctly works after hibernation again
  • Chat entries are no longer sometimes lost in global database at shutdown.

What is new in version 38.1.0:

  • Fixed: Copy/Paste into plain text editor deletes newlines from quoted text.
  • Fixed: Cross-posts won't send because Newsgroups: groups are separated with comma+space, not just comma.
  • Fixed: Cannot send email through exchange server (NTLM).
  • Fixed: Doesn't display GB2312 encoded texts correctly for Chinese Characters.
  • Fixed: OAuth2 authentication for GMail does not work when specified server is or

What is new in version 31.4:

  • The previous issues with jp mac builds have now been fixed, and Thunderbird will no longer need to be run in 32-bit mode.
  • Installing extensions within Thunderbird no longer requires download and installing as a filee
  • Security fixes

What is new in version 31.1.2:

  • Fixed an issue where anchor links would not work in HTML emails.
  • Security fixes.

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