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OE Classic
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Version: 2.7 updated
Upload Date: 24 Aug 17
Developer: Infobyte
Distribution Type: Shareware
Price: 24.95 $
Downloads: 66
Size: 5904 Kb

Rating: 3.0/5 (Total Votes: 5)

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E-mail and newsgroups software for all of your messaging needs designed as complete replacement and improvement for every user of Outlook Express and its successors like Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail. Fast and easy to use. Supports all the latest e-mail/newsgroup standards and works with variety of servers. Works on all modern Windows including XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Messages are easy to move from computer to computer and use open storage format - your e-mails are never locked in a proprietary database. Secure saving of downloaded messages (including crash-proof saving even if crash occurs in the middle of message save) so message integrity is always preserved. Passionate development, quick and dedicated user-support.

What is new in this release:

Version 2.7:

  • New: Completely rewritten From/To/Cc/Bcc list parser to support name comments (some mailing lists and newsgroups use comments instead of name) and fix some parser bugs
  • New: Support for importing UTF-16 IAF files (generated by Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail)
  • New: Many icon improvements, especially for small sizes (16x16)
  • New: Toolbar Customize added in View menu and popup (right click) menu in Main Window, Message Viewer, Message Editor, Address Book
  • New: Added Next Unread Message and Identities toolbar buttons
  • New: Additional default attributes for message editor font - color, bold, italic and underline
  • New: Composing Plain Text email messages and HTML to Plain Text (and back) conversion in Message Editor
  • New: New message template format which allows plain-text templates in addition to HTML templates (existing templates were updated)
  • New: Dual format signatures (uses plain-text signature if message is in plain text format and HTML signature if message is in HTML format)
  • New: Layout options were redesigned to offer full Toolbar customization using the new Toolbar Editor
  • New: Compose options Plain text font choice (not reflected in the sent message, as plain text messages don't have formatting)
  • New: New Send options with default compose format and if reply message will use same format as incoming message
  • New: New Read options - Font size for plain text messages, HTML zoom
  • New: Enhanced status bar in message viewer - zoom level and message type
  • New: Zoom In/Out and Zoom percentage in Main Window View menu
  • New: Popup menu with Load/Save/Copy/Paste/Select All in Message Rules - Add Condition (for text conditions)
  • New: Option to automatically add sender to address book when replying and an override option (in Message Editor) when auto-save is not needed
  • New: Optional sending read receipts to senders who request it (message disposition notification)
  • New: Option to request a read receipt for all sent messages (Compose options)
  • New: Options for returning requested read receipts to sender - Notify for each request / Never send (Send options)
  • New: Accessibility improvements for Account Wizard, Options
  • New: Program now communicates with web site using encrypted (HTTPS) connection (e.g. when using contact form or downloading update) - this may require Windows XP users to enable support for TLS 1.0 in Internet Explorer settings (already enabled in more recent Windows versions)
  • New: Warning if closing the program is attempted while there are still opened message editor windows
  • New: Improved text to HTML conversion to preserve multiple spaces/tabs (Insert text from file, Reply/Forward to plain-text messages, Insert plain-text signature)
  • New: Attachment file size shown after the file name and attachment Properties in right click menu (Message Editor)
  • New: Multiple Received dates shown in Message Properties and highlighting if date differs too much from Sent date
  • New: Added F5 as secondary shortcut for Send/Receive
  • New: Faster deletion of folders/newsgroups
  • BugFix: HTML stationery no longer includes repeated attachments at the bottom of the message
  • BugFix: High DPI support in Message Editor (small button toolbar)
  • BugFix: Message Editor no longer breaks HTML while switching from Source to Edit due to spaces being added at word wrap points
  • BugFix: Blurry and uncentered high DPI text labels in Options fixed
  • BugFix: Reinstalling the program could cause error and failure to start the program due to bug in uninstall script
  • BugFix: Auto-select of subject line text is disabled for replies and forwards
  • BugFix: Improved detection if attachments should be shown inline or not to prevent unresponsiveness
  • BugFix: Updated SSL/TLS libraries with the latest bug/security fixes (v1.0.2l)
  • BugFix: Updated built-in SQLite with the latest bug fixes (v3.19.3.0)

What is new in version 2.6:

Version 2.6:

  • New: Permanently delete messages or folders by pressing Shift+Del keys, without moving to Deleted Items, it can also delete damaged messages which cannot be deleted using regular delete
  • New: Added search box in Address Book with selection what to do with the results (filter them, select all or select only first result)
  • New: Added search box in To/Cc/Bcc contact selection window
  • New: Support for right-to-left scripts (such as Arabic or Hebrew) in the message editor
  • New: Message-list views with Show All Messages and Hide Read Messages (View/Current View menu)
  • New: Shows tooltip when user hovers mouse over the message/folder/contact list and title is wider than available column width
  • New: Bcc list and Watch/Flag are now shown in message viewer window (if present)
  • New: If message in MBX file cannot be read (e.g. if file is damaged), the error message is conveniently shown in preview pane or message viewer window
  • BugFix: Workaround for some malformed types of messages to display them correctly
  • BugFix: Quickly clicking Delete button (or pressing CTRL+D shortcut) in viewer window produced an error
  • BugFix: Opening newsgroup message or range of messages which have not been downloaded yet in message viewer produced an error
  • BugFix: Clicking contact Properties in Address Book was not working until a contact was clicked
  • BugFix: Clicking blocked content bar to load blocked images removed visible embedded images from the message
  • BugFix: Updated SSL/TLS libraries with the latest bug/security fixes (v1.0.2j)
  • BugFix: Updated built-in SQLite with the latest bug fixes (v3.14.2.0)

What is new in version 2.52:

Version 2.52:

  • View menu in message editor with 2 checkbox switches - All Headers (toggles Cc and Bcc fields), and Source Edit (toggles Edit/Source/Preview tabs)
  • Automatic expand/collapse of Cc and Bcc fields, depending on if they are filled or empty and if All Headers menu checkbox is unchecked
  • Show/Hide Cc/Bcc clickable label in message editor
  • Count of items in address book group properties
  • Default button in To/Cc/Bcc selection is highlighted in bold font
  • Notification if version is outdated when support form is started (only for stable versions)

What is new in version 2.5:

Version 2.5:

  • Message Rules/Filters added with fast short-circuit evaluation
  • Insert Text From File and Insert Attachment in message editor now remember last used folder
  • Insert Text From File can also insert HTML files
  • Reply, Reply All, Forward (main window) and Insert Text From File, Insert Signature (message editor) make web/email links clickable when quoting plain text email or when inserting plain text signature
  • File progress bar and buffered copy in database upgrade, prevents program becoming unresponsive for large files

What is new in version 2.43:

Version 2.43:

  • Message editor Source and Preview tabs (for editing HTML)
  • Added options for some of the earlier changes - Navigating to URL and From account selection
  • Improved URL detection in text

What is new in version 2.42:

New features

  • Navigating to URL preview window is removed (URL is shown in status bar when mouse pointer is over the link)
  • When replying or forwarding, From drop-down is now set to the same account which originally received the message
  • Huge speed increase in URL detection in plain-text messages (over 10000% faster in some cases)
  • Easier upgrade on a system where current user is not of administrator type
  • Copy/Move window now remembers last used folder and window size
  • Added popup menu for To/Cc/Bcc boxes in message editor
  • Added Sort Ascending/Sort Descending to the message/contact list header popup menu
  • Improved detection of external links (frames/iframes)
  • Added sorting of Find/Search results
  • Secondary sorting by Received column when sorted by any other column
  • Program icon improved so it is no longer stretched for some icon sizes
  • Added timestamp at the beginning of POP3 and SMTP connection log

Bug fixes

  • Some test messages previously failed to open due to slow URL detection method
  • After opening some messages, program could not be closed (and CPU was under full load)
  • When re-opening a draft, From drop-down did not keep the account originally used and reverted back to default
  • When shutting down the system with the program opened, the settings weren't saved
  • Arrows up-down not working for scrolling message in Windows 10 is fixed with the latest Windows 10 updates (it was not an issue with OE Classic but with Internet Explorer)

What is new in version 2.41:

New features

  • Added export of address book into CSV format, also supports exporting each address book folder as a separate CSV file
  • Added default email selection in address book - determines which email is used (personal, work or other)
  • Compact All is much faster as it evaluates if folder needs compacting or if it can be skipped
  • Signature support for multi-format emails (plain text and HTML), signatures from file and separators
  • Updated application manifest for improved Windows 10 compatibility
  • Reply and Forward message templates, fully user-customizable, with a few predefined templates to choose from
  • Icon set has been improved (especially the small icons which are now much sharper)
  • Clicking To/Cc/Bcc buttons in the message editor also sets the appropriate To/Cc/Bcc recipient box as default in the contact selection window (for example for double-clicking contacts)
  • Trimming spaces from address book email fields to make error reports less frequent
  • Rename Folder added to right click menu in the address book
  • Signature editor has been redesigned and includes new Move Up/Down and Sort buttons (sorting takes separators into account)
  • Accounts and signatures are now saved in SQLite database to make saving more secure and less frequent
  • New fields added to folder index database which will be utilized in future updates (search by email, message threading, better sorting)
  • When Subject is sorting column, message sorting and search by typing strips "Re:" prefixes to sort appropriately or to jump to appropriate message
  • Search now also searches for email addresses and domains (From and To search fields)
  • Generating of Message-Id, In-Reply-To and References headers has been improved for replies and drafts

Bug fixes

  • Message decoder tweaks to improve filename handling
  • Windows 10 was detected as Windows 8.1
  • Delete confirmation dialog for deleting from 'Deleted Items' deleted messages if user clicked "X" (to close the window)
  • Next opened message was not marked as read when currently opened message was deleted in viewer window
  • Multipart/mixed messages have not been correctly decoded
  • TLS version for newsgroup accounts was not saved
  • Signatures, folders and accounts now use unique ID which will avoid reusing of the same ID and associated issues
  • Signature with a single hyphen as name was interpreted as separator
  • Cc and Attachments panels in the message viewer could change order when using Previous/Next buttons
  • Decoding of Japanese (ISO-2022-JP) headers such as Subject/From is fixed
  • To/Cc/Bcc field editor had issue with left key handling in a list with one item
  • Better compatibility of visual controls with high DPI settings in Windows
  • When selecting shortcuts (.LNK files) a file being pointed to is used instead - many servers reject .LNK files as a security risk
  • Updated SSL/TLS libraries with the latest bug/security fixes (v1.0.2g)
  • Updated built-in SQLite with the latest bug fixes (v3.11.1.0)

What is new in version 2.32:

New features

  • Additional editor message validation against missing file attachments, file attachments of zero size and too large attachments
  • Error report when sending a message if the message size is larger than the maximum size allowed by the server
  • Message decoder has been optimized to use fewer temporary disk files and more processing in memory, resulting in faster display of a message or message source
  • Stationery and program data have been moved to a single folder for easier maintenance

Bug fixes

  • Caret was invisible when renaming folders
  • Control has no parent window error when clicking on To/Cc/Bcc buttons in the message editor
  • External exception EEFFACE when importing some DBX files using Outlook Express 6 importer
  • Message decoder tweaks to improve compatibility with other email programs
  • Filenames which used Unicode characters have not been shown properly on the bottom of the message
  • Computer name was not filtered for diacritical marks causing certain issues when connecting to outgoing server or generating message

What is new in version 2.31:

New features

  • Contact selection window folder drop-down height is now larger (depending on window height)

Bug fixes

  • Database upgrade for versions 2.1 and older to current version was broken

What is new in version 2.3:

New features

  • Group contacts in address book (also supports nested groups inside a group, with automatic duplicate filtering)
  • Address book folders and shared folders/contacts
  • Added folder selection in the Edit Contact window
  • Added status bar in address book with contact count
  • To/Cc/Bcc buttons in message editor no longer open Address Book for selecting contacts but instead open a specialized contact selection window (can be resized)
  • Flag/Watch added into the Message menu of the main window (works for multiselected messages too)
  • Create new folder opens a window for naming the folder before creating it
  • Added Properties to local folders popup menu (right click menu)
  • New Properties dialog for local folders which includes more information about a folder
  • Added list of signatures as sub-menu of the Insert -> Signature menu in the message editor
  • Added New Folder button to Copy/Move window (target folder selection for message Copy/Move)
  • Added "Local Folders" to the folder select dialog so that it can be selected as a root for New Folder or Multiple .EML export operations
  • Added Expert tab to newsgroup account properties due to some servers misbehaving and to make the program more adjustable to such servers
  • Editor window "From" dropdown can now also show "From" name and "From" email address in addition to the account name (display format can be customized in Options using custom text and tags #displayname#, #email#, #accountname# and #default# as placeholders)
  • Added Debug menu tool for repairing and rebuilding DB index files from MBX data files (normally, this is not needed, but it helps in case of corrupted DB file caused by disk failure or by some other program)

Bug fixes

  • Another "list index out of bounds" fixed in the message editor To/Cc/Bcc fields
  • "Update Now" button in the update dialog shows UAC/elevation required indicator (shield icon)
  • Sorting of address book items was inconsistent for different windows
  • Rare issue with Received date decoding and improved Received date extraction logic
  • Inconsistent dates and issues when switching between standard/daylight saving time
  • Better tab order for Advanced settings in News account Properties
  • SSL/TLS libraries have been updated for the latest bug/security fixes, including the fix for the FREAK flaw (March 2015) (v1.0.2a)
  • Updated built-in SQLite for the latest bug fixes (v3.8.8.3)
  • Adding recipients in To/Cc/Bcc which spans across multiple rows no longer makes items in the second row non-editable
  • Hotkey for "Close" menu item changed to "c" instead of "l" (ALT + f, c)

What is new in version 2.2:

New features

  • New file format which is ready to support new features such as count of messages next to folder name, address book groups and other features (your file backups made for previous version won't be compatible with this version so please update them!)
  • A number of file and folder functions have been rewritten or revised to be more stable and reliable, including Move/Copy function which was complicated and unreliable before
  • Automatic upgrade from older version file format to this version file format
  • Aggregate Properties in main window for viewing message properties (sender, recipient, headers, message source etc.), folder properties or contact properties
  • Aggregate Properties in address book (folder or contact) and Properties in separate message viewer window
  • Number of unread messages is now shown next to a folder name
  • Added Save As in message viewer window (saves message as a single EML/NWS file)
  • Various address book actions (in main window, message editor, address book) are now even faster and rarely use disk operation
  • Deleting multi-selected contacts is much faster
  • Folders can now store multiple copies of an identical message and are self-contained units
  • Identity Manager menu key has been changed to "S" for faster switching using ALT + F, S key combination
  • Program title bar now shows "Folder - Identity - Program name", instead of just "Program name" as before (this info is also visible in the taskbar)
  • SSL libraries have been updated to address the SSL 3.0 POODLE flaw (v1.0.1j)
  • Message decoder improved to be more resistant to malformed messages (which may contain long lines without line breaks, invalid Content-Transfer-Encoding etc.)
  • Compact All is more resistant to certain types of errors and can correct them automatically

Bug fixes

  • Updated installer to be more compatible with more recent Windows like Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
  • Message editor now opens much faster when there are lots of contacts in the address book
  • Fixed blank space in To/Cc/Bcc edit boxes when using Reply All with lots of emails in a maximized window
  • Removed delay before starting checking email on program startup
  • Fixed blurred fonts on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 with high-DPI setup
  • Lookup for email addresses in To/Cc/Bcc was not working properly
  • Some missing shortcuts added like shortcuts for Reply, Reply-To-All, Forward, Mark as Read and a few others
  • Removed problematic functions which could cause failure to start the program if a file error occurs
  • Improved font rendering in message/folder/contact list which is no longer clipped on a higher DPI system
  • Identity Manager focuses on the list of identities as the first control so identity can be selected immediately with up-down arrow keys (and Return/Enter key to switch to it)
  • Fixed error which occurred after creating/renaming/deleting identities
  • Improvements in how message download is triggered in the newsgroups - fast clicking on items won't confuse the program anymore and will also refresh items as they are downloaded
  • Updates on folder open/close status (and also the new folder count) is now performed from memory only, without unnecessary disk read operation to slow it down (it is visible with larger number of folders)
  • A number of issues associated with message count refresh have been fixed (while copying, moving, deleting, creating drafts etc.)
  • Huge speed increase when saving message list in the newsgroups
  • Message is now marked as read after moving from Outbox to Sent Items
  • After sending a message, only Outbox and Sent Items are refreshed and not currently displayed folder (e.g. Inbox), causing message list reload and switching currently displayed message
  • SSL 3.0 is no longer supported due to POODLE security vulnerability (use TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2 instead)
  • Updated built-in SQLite for the latest bug fixes (v3.8.7.4)
  • Charset decoding improved, especially for African and Asian languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Russian as well as many others
  • Fixed creating/moving/deleting too large messages (like 200 MB) which previously caused errors like "Out of memory" or "Invalid number of transaction parameters for operation 11"
  • Message icon updated with arrow after a message has been replied or forwarded

What is new in version 2.1:

New features:

  • Find/Search added

Bug fixes

  • Additional trimming and validation of email addresses to avoid sending errors
  • Message counters are refreshed when messages are downloaded, opened, marked as read/unread and moved/deleted
  • Updated all built-in components and SSL/TLS libraries on which the program relies to include cumulative bug fixes and speed improvements
  • Fixed authentication issues for some non-standards-compliant servers


Limited number of accounts and identities



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