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Version: 14.0.2 updated
Upload Date: 18 Jan 18
Distribution Type: Shareware
Price: 59.95 $
Downloads: 15
Size: 44846 Kb

Rating: 2.0/5 (Total Votes: 1)

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Store information about clients, contacts, projects, to do's, payments, timers, invoices, reports, employees and more! Features networking, multiple employee support (with permissions and hour tracking), simultaneous search of all data, multiple currencies (with automatic exchange rate updating), multiple contacts per client, project and client statuses and categories and modifiable taxes.

What is new in this release:

  • Drastically improved performance in large databases when opening new invoice window and various other places when loading a list of Client’s Work & Expenses
  • Added option to Data columns to repeat data. This will show the same data on every page. Useful for showing things repeatedly like taxes, etc.
  • General improvements to the Today View display layout when drawing into smaller window sizes
  • Fixed issue where invoice running/paused timer warning would display incorrectly
  • Fixed issue where invoice window would erroneously show a warning that not all work items could be shown due to permissions
  • Fixed issue with dragging items on Windows in template editor
    Fixed issue with printing code based invoice and report templates on Mac in 64-bit

What is new in version 14.0.1:

  • Fixed issue with Status Item not working properly on 64-bit builds
  • Fixed issue with double-clicking on unscheduled items in new Scheduling Window giving an error
  • Fixed an issue with invoice and report templates not properly showing items after page one in data rows
  • Fixed issue with PDF backdrops not working properly when exporting to file

What is new in version 13.0.6:

  • Can now show Deadline, Start Date, Completed Date for Projects in Studiometry Cloud client interface
  • Viewing the To Do list of a parent project will now correctly update the Tags filter and allow for filtering the view by Tags
  • Improved the background checking for paid invoices when creating/editing payments so that it won’t stall on databases with a large number of unpaid invoices
  • New option in Preferences Window > Billing > Advanced Billing > Ask to use Client Retainer funds when editing previously created unpaid Invoices
  • Fixed issue where sorting in Project’s invoices screen doesn’t always work
  • When syncing to Studiometry Cloud, there will now be a longer period of time that is allowed after the client a request for updates from the server initially
  • Will now load Clients much faster if they have a large amount of historical invoices
  • Selecting a resource in the calendars list will now correctly show that resource’s events
  • Fixed issue with creating payment applied to multiple invoices where invoice paid date would not automatically populate to the correct date

What is new in version 13.0.4:

This version includes a plethora of small updates, enhancements, and fixes. Check below to see the full details about all of the changes.

What is new in version 12.5.6:

  • File sharing and storage capabilities in-app with Studiometry Cloud. You can now easily upload and manage files associated with your Clients and Projects, and share with your team using Studiometry Cloud.
  • Forms can now accept attached files using the new file sharing capabilities.
  • Your clients can now upload files via Studiometry Cloud's web Form entry interface
  • Clients in Studiometry now have their own dedicated Files section. So, when using Studiometry Cloud, you can now view lists of associated files for your Projects and your Clients
  • Added new employee permission for deleting files shared on Studiometry Cloud
  • Non-billable work items will now always have their profit calculate to zero
  • Can now use HourlyTotal and NonHourlyTotal variables on report templates to show total amounts for hourly and expense items
  • Accounting window has Taxed column showing if an item has taxes applied
  • Added contextual menu item to Projects list to easily enter a new Form
  • Added contextual menu item to Clients list to easily enter a new Form
  • Can now initiate a Form Entry from the main plus button in the bottom-left of Studiometry
  • Will now ask for confirmation when clicking the Install & Relaunch button if you're attempting to install a version of Studiometry that requires a paid upgrade
  • Fixed an issue with daily calendars locking up the app if there are too many items being displayed
  • Fixed an issue with selecting projects when attempting to enter a form from the All Forms view
  • Fixed issue with New Contact contextual menu item not selecting the correct attached client

What is new in version 12.5.5:

  • Will now show more helpful error messages when attempting to load a database that may have become corrupt
  • Fixed display issue for calendar items with certain types of repeating options selected
  • Enter Timesheet window will now respect the current setting from Timesheet menu > Enable Estimating Mode
  • Add filter to View Timesheet window to include/exclude non-live items
  • Will no longer automatically split new payments added to multi-project invoices when a payment has already been added to the invoice
  • Fixed issue with adding a payment to a multi-project invoice not allowing the amount field to be modified
  • Will now have to type DELETE in to confirm that you understand that you're deleting a client or project
  • Optimized the calendar a bit for users with a very large number of active To Dos
  • Fixed permission inconsistencies related to employee restrictions

What is new in version 12.5.3:

  • Added new Debug window that can be accessed on launch by holding the Control and Shift keys
  • Can now easily reveal Studiometry's data folder before launching via the Debug window
  • Can now reset window positions via the Debug window
  • Can now enable Debug mode via the Debug window
  • Fixed issue with Items Awaiting Invoice hours column not calculating correctly
  • Removed permissions requirement to view others debts for the Project Budget window
  • Will now properly use selected employee's "override default timer" setting in timesheet windows instead of the currently logged in employee
  • Changing selected employee in timesheet windows will update all rows with the appropriate default rate
  • Can now add spec data row types into a Combo data row setup
  • Project creation window now has field for Project Deadline
  • Changing the start date of a Gantt item that has linked To Dos will also update the due date of the associated To Dos
  • The main projects list will no longer periodically reset its scroll position when receiving updates over Studiometry Cloud or traditional networking
  • Will no longer lose expanded client selection in main window's Clients list when receiving networking updates
  • Fixed Add Form option from project/client overview plus button
  • Added popup menu to easily access your list of auto-saved descriptions in Work & Expense editing window on Windows.
  • Fixed issue with report field variables after the initial three not correctly appearing in variables list when editing a report template's data row area

What is new in version 12.5:

  • Tracking details associated with a Client or Project that are not already built in to Studiometry (such as a brief, for example)
  • Allowing Clients to send in requests that can appear as To Dos within Studiometry, linked with their Projects
  • Allowing Clients to request new projects with whatever criteria and questions you deem necessary
  • Getting feedback or followup on a Project that will be stored directly within Studiometry

What is new in version 12.2.3:

  • Will now make sure the default Receipt template isn't blank when attempting to edit it
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to edit blank Receipt templates
  • Fixed issue where Client/Project filter string would be applied to To Dos when loading a project's list of To Dos
  • Made a few tweaks regarding the employee login status for Cloud accounts

What is new in version 12.2.2:

  • Can now export one or more Logs to text file by right-clicking and choosing new Export option
  • When adding a payment that fully pays an invoice, the invoice's date paid will now match the new payment's date
  • Fixed the tab order for controls in the Payment editing window
  • Added thin and wide variants for Client and Project name/id fields in custom summaries
  • Will now store all Accounting window work items directly to the database, and no longer store anything within the settings files
  • Resolved and error that could periodically occur when sending updates to Studiometry Cloud
  • Added new Quickbooks Export Name field for Debt/Credit types to allow consolidation of multiple work types when exporting to Quickbooks
  • Will now automatically open the reconnect window when Studiometry has disconnected from Studiometry Cloud

What is new in version 12.1:

  • Can now customize and brand receipts generated with Studiometry using the built-in invoice template editor
  • Auto-Emailed receipt feature now uses the customizable receipt template
  • Added several new variables for use with Payments in Invoice, Report, and Receipt templates
  • Improved built-in Project summaries by adding several fields to the Project Quoted vs. Actual Summary
  • Can now show project's total invoiced amount in Quoted vs. Actual Summary
  • Can now show project's total purchase order amount in Quoted vs. Actual Summary
  • Can now show project's total PO vs Invoiced total to see Operating Profit in Quoted vs. Actual Summary
  • Added Copy to Clipboard button in Program Memory > Auto-Complete List
  • New option to suppress vendors in new project and other drop down lists
  • Will now prevent the app from quitting if there are items in the Cloud send queue
  • Will no longer show deleted items in Watch List lists
  • Will now grab Company contact info from Studiometry Cloud when initially syncing
  • New buttons in Preferences Window > My Info to save and load company contact info to/from Studiometry Cloud
  • Can now initiate a clean sync from Studiometry Cloud by using Cloud Menu > Clean Sync from Cloud
  • Using the dock menu to quit Studiometry will now go through more checks before allowing a quit
  • Can now hold shift when saving a Debt or To Do to capture descriptions even when auto capture is disabled
  • Improved reliability of syncing items that are modified while not connected to Studiometry Cloud
  • Added more checks for various syncing methods to ensure data integrity in the event of network or server issues
  • Fixed issue with printing code-based templates on Mac in OS X 10.11 El Capitan

Version 12.0.2 (11/9/2015)

  • Can now filter smart groups by Project Stage name
  • Can now sort custom summaries by Project Stage name
  • Fixed crash caused by opening and shutting multiple windows while in full screen mode on OS X
  • Fixed an issue where Studiometry Cloud could give a multi-login error when a computer goes to sleep and wakes up with Studiometry open
  • Fixed an issue with the new version update notification window not appearing in some situations
  • Fixed an issue display default project's Stage name when one has not yet been explicitly selected for a project
  • Fixed an issue where the Client's Projects list might not populate all fields for every project
  • Will now longer open multiple editing windows if you attempt to edit a group while its editing window is currently open

What is new in version 11.2:

Customizable calendars! You can now create and edit custom calendars that let you sort, filter, and color items in your Studiometry calendar.


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