Nisus Writer Express

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Nisus Writer Express
Software Details:
Version: 3.5 updated
Upload Date: 22 Oct 15
Developer: Nisus Software
Distribution Type: Shareware
Price: 45.00 $
Downloads: 37
Size: 68010 Kb

Rating: 2.5/5 (Total Votes: 2)

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You have something to say and you need a word processor that will help you say it. Express Yourself with the affordable, easy to use writers word processor: Nisus Writer Express. With so many new features, our user interface, and Microsoft Word compatibility, this new release is something you can't afford to miss.

Nisus Writer Express Features:

  • Read and write Microsoft Word, RTF, RTFD, Nisus Writer Classic, Unicode, and plain text files.
  • Right to Left Text Input
  • Bullets and Numbering
  • LinkBack Support
  • Mix and match writing in over 100 different languages or define your own.
  • Easy to use tables
  • Flexible styles
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Exclusive Document Manager
  • Powerful find and replace
  • Footnotes and endnotes
  • AppleScript and Perl macros
  • Multiple selections
  • Language sensitive smart quotes and typo fixing
  • Multiple clipboards

What is new in this release:

Major Changes

  • Added support for Mac OS X document versioning, where a user can browse and revert to older versions of any document.
  • Added support for Mac OS X autosave, where changes to all opens documents are saved regularly.
  • Added support for iCloud.
  • Switched to 64-bit.
  • Runs inside the Mac App sandbox.
  • Changed: discontinued support for Mac OS X 10.6. The required system is now Mac OS X 10.7.5 or later.
  • Changed: Nisus Thesaurus is now integrated directly into Nisus Writer; it is no longer a separate app.

Highlighted Changes

  • Added: new options in Saving preferences pane that control where autosave keeps new documents.
  • Added: enabled preference that allows user to choose the language of Nisus Writer's GUI (menus and dialogs).
  • Added: added menu Edit > Repeat that will repeat the last used menu or palette command. Note that this only works for commands on the main menubar and palettes, not arbitrary actions.
  • Added: will now expand entries from the OS X system-wide text replacements as the user types. Added option to disable this in QuickFix preferences.
  • Added: added ability to set keyboard shortcuts for intermediate menus (eg: the Paragraph Style menu) which will show that menu and allow the user to make a final choice from the submenus.
  • Added: if running on Mac OS X 10.9 or later, the user can now define keyboard shortcuts that use the Space key.
  • Added: added menu to set document hyphenation to "Manual", where automatic hyphenation is disabled and only soft-hyphen characters are considered.
  • Added: spell: added attribute to prevent spellchecking that can be applied to arbitrary pieces of text or as part of style definitions.
  • Fixed: MathMagic equations should paste using PDF image data and a proper image baseline.

Other Changes

  • Improved Feedback Reporter.
  • When creating a printout or PDF, the status bar should show some progress information
  • Added: palettes: if a word is spelled correctly and has no entry in Nisus Thesaurus (eg: perhaps because it is not English), the language palette should display the system dictionary definition for that word, if one is available.
  • Added: lang: preferences allow user to customize language icons by pasting/dragging an image.
  • Added: added menu File > New Plain Text File that uses the plain text template.
  • Added: added menu commands to show the Thesaurus browser (contextual menu and Edit > Spelling > Thesaurus Window).
  • Added: added a menu command that shows the system typography panel directly, under Format > Fonts.
  • Added: added menus to jump to specific preference panes.
  • Added: spelling: the user can customize the color of the dotted underlines that show spelling mistakes.
  • Added: user should be able to sort recently opened and saved file lists in the Document Manager by natural ordering (eg: list most recently saved files at the top). This sorting can now be done by sorting by the file icon column.
  • Changed: new file templates, glossaries, and macros now prefer to be stored in the Document Manager. This is because the standard OS X file open and save dialogs will not show any folders inside the sandbox.
  • Changed: when saving a document, progress is now always immediately shown in the document's status bar (instead of popping up a status panel after a delay). Progress reporting during saving has also been made more accurate.

File Fidelity

  • Fixed: Microsoft Word no longer ungraciously shows formal PostScript font names when opening Nisus files.
  • Fixed: lists: Apple's RTF sometimes uses a special empty list style to indicate that the list style should be "none". We should detect that and not apply a numbered list.
  • Fixed: to avert issues with Sente document scans, changed how special characters are saved to RTF.
  • Changed: tables: when importing floating tables from Microsoft Word, if the table is very large, it is now converted to be an inline table so that it can be paginated.
  • Fixed: text from Accordance bible study could be imported with the wrong font and possibly garbled characters.
  • Fixed: style names should not be (re)localized when opening a document unless they are loaded from the Nisus New File template.
  • Fixed: images: when opening RTF files from Microsoft Word with EMF/WMF images, Nisus Writer should resave that image data in a way that's compatible with Microsoft Word, even if NWP cannot display the images directly.
  • Fixed: import: if the import process for a document does not yield an explicit zoom, the default zoom from the user's Nisus New File should be used.
  • Fixed: if memory is exhausted when saving an RTF file, should not hang the application.
  • Fixed: drag-dropping a file into an existing document, when that file required a file importer (eg: DOCX file format), would incorrectly insert undecoded bytes from the source file.

Find & Replace

  • Changed: find: Nisus Writer is more liberal in importing the shared system find string.
  • Added: find: when importing/exporting the shared system-wide find string, Nisus Writer now properly uses relevant metadata (ie: whether the search is case sensitive and if regex mode is enabled).
  • Fixed: find: the "whole word" find option did not allow matches that started or ended with whitespace.
  • Fixed: find: some bugs where the beginning and end of line anchors ($ and ^) did not match the last empty paragraph.
  • Fixed: find: the count reported for replace all operations should not include unmodifiable matches (eg: tabs in list items).
  • Fixed: find: replace all operations that include unmodifiable matches (eg: tabs in list items) could have the wrong text selected afterwards.
  • Opt: find: improved performance when doing an attribute-sensitive Replace All, and no actual characters are changed, ie: only formatting is introduced.
  • Opt: find: making a huge number of Find & Replace matches while preserving the selection is much faster (eg: redaction macro that replaces every single character).


  • Fixed: MathMagic equations should paste using PDF image data and a proper image baseline.
  • Added: resizing an image or table cell will show a pop-over (tooltip) that indicates the exact dimensions.
  • Added: images: contextual menu for images now includes submenu that lists some basic image information.
  • Changed: images: when pasting images into a document, improved image data type recognition, yielding better automatic image file extensions (for RTFD, drag-drop, etc).
  • Fixed: images: if linked image is set not to include copy of data in the document, should not include image in RTFD.
  • Fixed: images: applying a web link to a smart/linked inline image can cause hangs when saving the document.
  • Fixed: potential hang when opening documents with certain combination of inline images and other features.
  • Fixed: images: just dragging an inline image should not mark the document dirty, unless the drag is completed and is actually moved within the document.
  • Fixed: images: drag-dropping some images from Safari would create a link instead of the image itself.
  • Changed: PICT data should not always be probed when pasting images, since OSX now does a poor job of handling it, possibly leading to hangs/crashes.
  • Fixed: images: image borders were not properly saved to RTFD (the border was lost when reopening a file).
  • Fixed: images: if a linked image changes externally, and the user tries to undo past the point when the image was reloaded, should not crash.
  • Fixed: images: if a linked image changes externally, any resizing, cropping, etc, from the image should be applied to the newly loaded image.
  • Changed: images: the default for newly inserted inline images should be OFF for "clip drawing to line", so the user can see the whole image.
  • Changed: if the user inserts text just after a newly pasted image is still selected, the image should not be deleted.
  • Fixed: images: when pasting an image that was copied from outside Nisus Writer, if the source prefers to use PNG, we should use that PNG data instead of TIFF data.
  • Fixed: some issues with the way stroke/fill menus are enabled/disabled depending on the selected inline image.


  • Fixed: tables: pasting tab-delimited text into an existing table should not reset the appearance of any table cells.
  • Changed: if the insertion point is directly before/after a table, should be able to enter the first/last table cell by using the left/right arrow key.
  • Changed: tables: better behavior when using Shift + Tab to navigate backwards through spanning table cells.
  • Changed: tables: using the command "Fit To Contents" in Draft View should not limit the width of the table to the page size.
  • Opt: tables: less redrawing required when typing in main body text if tables did not actually shift position/size.
  • Opt: tables: smoother redrawing and repositioning of tables when working in long documents.
  • Fixed: tables: wholly selecting a single table cell and copying it should preserve the table-ness of the content, eg: text should paste as a new table cell.
  • Fixed: tables: incorrect handling of typing attributes when inserting text into table cells, which could incorrectly reset formatting when inserting newlines, etc.
  • Fixed: tables: typing on the line of text just before or after a table could be very slow if the table was very large.
  • Fixed: tables: a table's horizontal offset should never place it completely out of view.
  • Fixed: tables: should not crash/hang when opening a file with an RTF field at the start of a table cell.
  • Fixed: tables: sometimes autoscrolling a table selection would be too aggressive, unnecessarily scrolling when the selected cells were already visible.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: could hang when pasting content from Apple apps (eg: Safari or Mail), if a particular sequence of hyperlinks and tables was encountered.
  • Fixed: fixed some possible crashes related to text layout.
  • Changed: improved behavior when the Apple text engine encounters certain kinds of bugs: instead of crashing or hanging Nisus Writer, an error is displayed for the relevant document, allowing the user to save, close, and reopen it.
  • Fixed: could crash when switching into Draft View and restoring the prior zoom/scroll location.
  • Fixed: fixed some potential crashes related to toolbar items.
  • Fixed: fixed line spacing could be incorrectly enforced during text layout when editing in certain mixes of formatting.
  • Fixed: should be able to change the text color of just combining marks, leaving the base character's color unaffected.
  • Fixed: when creating a printout or PDF, automatic numbers could show incorrect total number of pages, words, or paragraphs.
  • Changed: inserting a newline in front of whitespace at the end of a line of text should switch the paragraph style to the appropriate "next style" as necessary.
  • Fixed: doc man: the last accessed date in the Document Manager should match the date shown in the Finder, instead of using the last data access date.
  • Changed: the Open Recent menu now obeys Document Manager preferences that control whether the file extension is shown, and whether deleted and trashed files are shown.
  • Fixed: the "Edit Link" and "Remove Link" commands should be enabled if a zero-length selection rests inside an applied link.
  • Fixed: QuickFix should not expand an entry if the result is already in place. For example, if the user has a correction to turn "!" into " !", QuickFix will not turn "Hello !" into "Hello ! " if the user inserts a space after the exclamation.
  • Fixed: should never hyphenate after a parenthesis.
  • Fixed: the degree character A

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