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Version: 1.9.7 updated
Upload Date: 22 Oct 17
Developer: Freron Software
Distribution Type: Shareware
Price: 49.99 $
Downloads: 11
Size: 6848 Kb

Rating: 5.0/5 (Total Votes: 1)

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MailMate is an ambitious powerful email client for Mac OS X. It is designed for and only supports IMAP while still working in full when offline. MailMate has state-of-the-art searching capabilities and correspondingly advanced smart mailboxes. Extensive keyboard control and dynamic signatures ensure a highly efficient workflow when reading and answering emails. Alternative message viewer layouts and a browser-inspired design ensure easy and rapid access to related messages.

What is new in this release:

  • Improved single message window behavior. It is now "connected" to the main window such that undo/redo behavior is better and features (key bindings) such as "Move to Mailbox..." work as expected.
  • The "Apply Rules" menu item is now a menu which allows applying rules to either selected messages or the entire mailbox.
  • "Export ? Copy to Folder" command which exports .eml files into a folder hierarchy matching the original accounts. Duplicates are automatically avoided and the command can be used as an action in mailbox rules.
  • Internal changes to provide an action for bundles which allows changing header values of existing emails. This feature is currently used to implement "Command ? MailMate ? Change Subject".
  • Email addresses can now be blacklisted such that they are not used for completions in the Composer.
  • Low-level, the message list supports coloring and styling lines.
  • Numerous new hidden preferences for users that like to tinker with the details.
  • Manual pages updated to include some of the previously undocumented features.
  • Improved behavior for various problematic IMAP servers including Gmail and Exchange IMAP.
  • Uses the IMAP RENAME command when an IMAP mailbox is renamed (also when a hierarchy is involved). This is both more robust and more efficient than before.
  • Now doing Gmail "OAuth2" authorization through an external browser.
  • Improved composer text view including fixing various display issues.
  • Improved autoscroll in the composer preview
  • Improved and fixed S/MIME handling which now also allows separate certificates for signing/encrypting.
  • Improved behavior for window tabs on Sierra and later macOS versions.
  • Fixed various issues on High Sierra.

What is new in version 1.9.6:

  • New: "Edit -> Add Link" menu item (command+K). Inserts Markdown code to create a link based on the current word. Also inserts a URL if it's on the pasteboard.
  • New: URL scheme for doing toolbar-like searches.
  • New: "New Message With Attachment" and "Copy Attachment" in the context sensitive menu for an attachment.
  • New: MmSMTPFixedHostname
  • Changed: Generation of the HTML alternative for plain text (non-Markdown) messages is now handled using a dedicated script. For compatibility reasons this uses whitespace:normal and <p> instead of <div>. This should resolve various issues when corresponding with Outlook users.
  • Changed: Undoing move actions now re-selects messages if they exist in the current mailbox.
  • Fixed: Saving a search as a smart mailbox frequently failed.
  • Fixed: Various issues with HTML embedding when forwarding HTML messages with attachments.
  • Fixed: Issue with the choice of Drafts mailbox (and implicitly SMTP server) when an identity could not be derived and an explicit one had not been configured.
  • Fixed: Drag'n'drop emails to the Finder on Sierra.

What is new in version 1.9.5:

  • This public release is the first release compatible with El Capitan. An especially noteworthy new feature is the inclusion of a Spotlight importer. This can be enabled in the General preferences pane and it'll allow users to search MailMate emails using Spotlight. It'll also allow searching email files saved elsewhere. The Spotlight support also means better integration with BusyCal thanks to the nice people at BusyMac.

What is new in version 1.9:

  • Bundles preferences pane which allows you to enable/disable integration with various applications. Currently, 19 bundles exist providing support for BBEdit, BusyCal, Due, EagleFiler, Evernote, OmniFocus, TextMate, Todoist, and more.
  • Rules pane in the mailbox editor for any mailbox.
  • Toolbar search field activated using ??F. Note the search field menu and its options.
  • Correspondent/Identity added as special header transformations. This is, e.g., used for the new "Correspondent" column available for the messages outline.
  • Each tag can be assigned an emoji and a new tags column can be used to display them. Note that ??+space opens an emoji keyboard on Yosemite.
  • Enable composer header fields by holding down ? when hitting Return. For example, hit ?? to add a "Cc" header when focus is in the "To" header.
  • Numerous other new features, changes, and fixes. You really do need to read the release notes to know it all.
  • MailMate should now work with even more buggy IMAP servers than it already did. Remember, good alternatives do exist.

What is new in version 1.8:

  • New: Redirection of a message using "Message ? Redirect" (??E) or the redirectMessage: key binding. This opens a special composer window which only allows editing a fixed set of headers. MailMate also adds a $Redirected flag to any redirected messages.
  • New: Support for using an external editor to write emails (TextMate, Sublime Text, MacVim).
  • New: HTML signatures can be configured in the Signature preferences pane. They work in both plain text and Markdown mode. (More details in the manual.)
  • New: Remove search items using context sensitive menu (right-click) or by holding down the option key (?) when left-clicking.
  • New: "Redirect" and "Export to Folder" are now available as rule actions.
  • New: "Default Downloads Folder" option in the General preferences pane.


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