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Version: 2.6.4 updated
Upload Date: 18 Jan 18
Developer: fournova
Distribution Type: Shareware
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Git has plenty of great features. Using all of them can be difficult if you only have your command line at hand. That's why we built Tower. It's all about your Git repositories: where are they located on your disk? Is your local working copy some commits ahead of or behind the remote origin repository? Let the "Browse View" show you which files you modified, how you modified them, and which files are staged for the next commit Managing branches, tags, remote repositories, and stashes is easy as pie: drag and drop to merge, rebase, pull, or create new ones. Most of the time, you only want to know about the last few commits that happened - not about the very first commit from 2 years ago. The "Recent History" view was designed to give you a quick overview of the most recent activity in your Git repo. The "History List" shows you all commits in a classic "email style" view. The lower part contains everything there is to know about a certain commit - including e.g. integrated file diff information.

What is new in this release:

  • Services: Correctly show invalid and offline status of service accounts in the "Services" view.
  • Replace Git command option deprecated in Git 2.15 when updating brach trackings.
  • Fixed a crash when Keychain access for service account credentials failed while updating service accounts in the background.

What is new in version 2.6.3:

  • Git version: We've updated the bundled Git binary to V2.14.1
  • GitLab API: Tower now supports GitLab API v4
  • Changed Files: We've fixed a rare case, in which changes within untracked folders were counted wrong.
  • Alerts on macOS 10.8: Some of them could crash, no more

What is new in version 2.6.1:

  • New authorization API for Bitbucket accounts: When adding your Bitbucket account in Tower's "Getting Started" wizard, we are now using an improved authorization API.
  • Bitbucket API framework: Interacting with Bitbucket user accounts was improved with this update.
  • Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server accounts: When configuring connections for remote repositories, VSTS and VSTFS accounts can now be added right from the corresponding dialogs.

What is new in version 2.6:

  • Extended support for git-lfs: Working with git-lfs in Tower has already been possible since quite a while. Now, however, Tower also supports initial configuration and many advanced features and settings regarding the "Git Large File System".
  • Ignore and LFS menus: Right-clicking a file in the Working Copy offers "Ignore", "Exclude" and "LFS" submenus. You'll see new options and an overall cleaned-up structure in these menus.
  • Touch Bar support: The new MacBook Pro series features the "Touch Bar". Already with this update, Tower offers support for this new way of interaction. If you're lucky enough to have one of those fine devices, be sure to check out the Touch Bar in Tower.
  • Easier OAuth management: Many hosting services make authentication via OAuth really cumbersome. To make this easier, we now provide our own helper service that simplifies OAuth a lot!
  • Repository bookmark titles: In the OpenQuickly dialog and the Activity Window, Tower did not use a repository's "bookmark" name but only the bare repository folder name. Now, the UI always shows the dedicated bookmark title.
  • Authentication for Git connections: When selecting a "Service" account in Tower, the "Account" tab now shows authentication information for Git connections - not only for connection to a Service's API. This makes it easier to debug connection problems.
  • Update for Bitucket Server API framework: This update resolves some minor issues when connecting to certain versions of Bitbucket Server.
  • Auto-suggesting VSTS and Beanstalk accounts: When cloning from a Visual Studio or Beanstalk remote URL (while the user account has not been added to Tower, yet), the application now suggests to create a new VSTS or Beanstalk account in Tower.
  • Fix for File History crash: When using the autocomplete file search, Tower would crash in certain cases. This should now be fixed.
  • Creating Service accounts: This release contains various improvements that should make connecting your hosting accounts in the "Services" view smoother.
  • Rebase "Continue" button: When performing a Rebase operation, in some situations, the "Continue" button was not disabled quickly enough after being clicked. This means that users could trigger it twice if they were quick.
  • Selecting the HEAD branch via keyboard: You can have the HEAD branch selected simply by typing CMD+0 on your keyboard. Now, if the HEAD branch is part of a branch group in the sidebar (e.g. "feature/login"), the corresponding group is automatically expanded to better show the item.
  • Bitbucket account updates: When Tower updates account information of connected Bitbucket accounts, some users reported problems - that should be fixed with this release.
  • Navigation bar flexibility: Tower's navigation bar (just below the toolbar buttons) can now collapse and expand items dynamically. This is necessary for some interesting upcoming features on our roadmap...
  • Drag and drop of non-repository folders: You can now drag an uninitialized project folder from Finder into Tower's "Repositories" sidebar. Tower will then ask if you want to create a new local Git repository in that folder.
  • Faster Git-SVN branch updates: We've significantly improved the performance of SVN branch updates.
  • Repository description for GitLab accounts: When creating new repositories in a GitLab account, description texts were sometimes not persisted. This is now fixed.

What is new in version 2.5.3:

  • Detached HEAD management: Working in a detached HEAD environment is now smoother in the user interface. For example, when creating a new branch from a detached HEAD, the correct revision is proposed in the "Create Branch" dialog.
  • Fetching multiple remote repositories: When fetching multiple remote repositories in parallel (especially with custom RefSpecs in place), stability is now improved.
  • Progress for currently cloning remote repositories was improved.
  • Installing the Tower CLI tool: Some users reported problems installing our "gittower" CLI tool ( We have made some changes that should now install / uninstall it even in edge cases.
  • Show HEAD branch shortcut: When using CMD+0 to select the current HEAD branch in the sidebar, Tower automatically expands a ref group that the HEAD is part of (e.g. the "feature" group when "feature/login" is checked out).
  • Self-signed SSL certificates: When adding a server with a self-signed SSL certificate, some users where not able to accept / trust it. Any trust errors should now be visible to the user.
  • Prefilling the "Create Tag" dialog: Creating a tag now offers a sensible, prefilled revision even when calling it in a detached HEAD scenario.
  • Loading a high amount of tags is now faster: With the "group refs in sidebar" setting activated and a lot of tags to load, performance should now be improved.
  • Bitbucket Server installations with "base paths": The Bitbucket Server API framework recently removed the path for host URLs. Due to this, installations using base paths couldn't be added to Tower anymore. This should now be fixed.
  • GitLab installations with "base paths": The GitLab API framework also removed the path for host URLs recently. We have adapted Tower for these accounts, too.
  • Status indication for folders with conflicts: With the Working Copy view in "Tree" mode, folders that contained conflict files sometimes did not show the right status symbol.
  • Remote activity output is preserved: Tower now retains the output of remote activities (e.g. in the "Activity" window) so you can check it later.
  • Minor design improvements regarding gravatars and commit graph display.

What is new in version 2.5.1:

  • Navigation bar in Full Screen Mode: Tower's navigation bar (below the toolbar) would sometimes unintendedly hide when in Full Screen Mode.
  • File paths with "~" character prefixes are now properly normalized and listed.
  • Importing invalid bookmarks from older Tower versions is now handled gracefully.
  • Sorting the Working Copy file listing by "Status" could crash Tower (when in "Tree View" mode).
  • Various minor bugfixes.

What is new in version 2.35:

  • Allow email address as username adding Bitbucket accounts
  • Do not resolve symlinks when selecting custom Git binaries
  • Fixed order of Araxis Merge parameters
  • Updated bundled Git to version 2.7.4
  • Fixed missing slash prefix in individual file ignore patterns
  • Reload tags after fetch
  • Make outline view first responder after commit
  • Added an option to sort tags ascending/descending from the view menu
  • Validate ref groups when creating new or renaming existing branches
  • Minor fixes and improvements

What is new in version 2.34:

  • In the merge conflict wizard, the commit hash string can now be selected.
  • Resolved a display issue where line numbers and diff chunk content appear out of sync.
  • Resolved an issue with Bitbucket OAuth errors causing crashes.
  • Resolved an issue where repositories created with the "git-worktree" command would not be properly recognized.
  • Updated diff compare script for TextMate.
  • Updated Sparkle framework.
  • Resolved an issue with quick push.
  • Resolved an issue with loading Bitbucket repositories.

What is new in version 2.3.2:

  • Right-clicking a Service Account in the "Services" sidebar now offers a "Refresh" action
  • Renamed "Atlassian Stash" to its new name, "Bitbucket Server"
  • Bitbucket Server usernames with special characters are now supported, too
  • Repositories in the Services view are now sorted case-insensitive

What is new in version 2.3.1:

  • Resolved an issue where the Merge dialog did not preselect properly
  • Server trust settings when using OAuth API for GitLab CE/EE service accounts are now passed on
  • Fixed a bug with crashing dialogs on Mac OS 10.8

What is new in version 2.2.1:

  • Design refreshment with many updated icons and styles
  • Corrected cloning URLs for GitHub organization repositories
  • Fixed an issue where changed files were missing from the "View as Tree" mode in the Working Copy
  • Fixed an issue with "topo order" sorting in history
  • Fixed layout issues on Mac OS 10.9 and 10.8
  • Solved CoreData problem in Mac OS 10.9 and 10.8

What is new in version 2.2.0:

  • Design refreshment with many updated icons and styles
  • Corrected cloning URLs for GitHub organization repositories
  • Fixed an issue where changed files were missing from the "View as Tree" mode in the Working Copy
  • Fixed an issue with "topo order" sorting in history
  • Fixed layout issues on Mac OS 10.9 and 10.8
  • Solved CoreData problem in Mac OS 10.9 and 10.8

What is new in version 2.1.7:

Improved loading of Gravatar images. Some users noted high CPU usage when image loading failed (e.g. due to blocked or inactive internet connections).

What is new in version 2.1.4:

  • Updated bundled Git binary to version 2.2.1
  • Fixed issues with the tree mode in the "Working Copy" view
  • Improved stability of Git command operations on older systems
  • Drop zone on "Repositories" view now responds to drag events, again
  • Fixed an issue with hosting service URLs
  • Fixed an issue where empty lines in .gitignore file were not preserved

What is new in version 2.1.3:

  • Fixed an issue with empty Git error messages
  • Sorting by file status in "Working Copy" now considers untracked files
  • Improved handling of missing submodule paths when loading Submodules
  • Improved handling of commits with invalid encodings
  • Fixed some minor display issues, mainly on Mac OS 10.8

What is new in version 2.1.2:

  • Many Git-Flow fixes and improvements
  • Fixed an issue with file status sorting
  • Fixed issues when cherry-picking or reverting multiple revisions
  • Fixed issue with commit encodings occuring in some cases
  • Fixed an issue with alternate actions in toolbar
  • Fixed an issue with keyboard shortcuts in stashes view
  • Fixed display issue with sidebars when scrolling in some cases on 10.9 and earlier
  • Fixed display issue with create service repository dialogs
  • Fixed display issues in commit changeset view
  • Fixed display issues in dialogs
  • Fixed display issue with merge status view
  • Fixed display issue with Gravatar images
  • Fixed display issue in SSH authentication view
  • Propose branch name when creating new branch from remote branch
  • Persist options in save and apply stash dialogs
  • Improved saving of commit message drafts
  • Allow selection of value fields in commit changeset view
  • Allow selection of value fields in repository detail view
  • Allow selection of value fields in services detail views
  • Added tooltips for toolbar action buttons
  • Improved stability when performing remote operations
  • Many minor bugfixes and improvements

What is new in version 2.1.1:

Fixed issue with application startup on some machines

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