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Version: 4.0.2 updated
Upload Date: 18 Jan 18
Developer: MacItBetter
Distribution Type: Shareware
Price: 19.95 $
Downloads: 20
Size: 10475 Kb

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BetterZip lets you quickly inspect archives without first extracting their contents. This archive password manager helps you work with encrypted archives. You can have BetterZip collect a list of archive passwords in your keychain. These can be used automatically whenever you open an encrypted archive. Alternatively, BetterZip can display them in a list in the password panel, so you can easily choose the one to use.

What is new in this release:

Bug Fixes

  • BetterZip would sometimes fail to compress large archives on macOS High Sierra.
  • The extraction of tar based archives with only one root item through the queue was still broken if the preset option "Create an extra folder" was set to "If archive has more than one root item".
  • Save panel was not drawn properly when "more options" was toggled on macOS 10.13 High Sierra.
  • If the queue window was too narrow, the progress bar overlayed text.
  • Cmd+Enter renamed the selected file instead of opening it in an external editor/viewer.
  • Creating a new folder in an empty BetterZip window didn't move the "drop here" screen out of the way.
  • Two presets with the exact same name crashed BetterZip.
  • Under certain circumstances BetterZip would crash at startup.
  • Delete in Direct Mode had no progress indicator, which was confusing for large archives with long running delete operations.
  • Removed cbr, cbz, and epub from the QL generator. There are specialized QL generators for these formats available.
  • Added tooltips for the various image buttons in the preferences window for VoiceOver users.
  • Creating xar archives in Direct Mode did not work correctly.
  • If an archive contained files that did not have read/write permissions for the user, the files wouldn't be accessible after extraction. BetterZip now adds user read/write permissions for all extracted files, just like macOS' built-in Archive Utility does.
  • The pattern comparison function of macOS High Sierra that BetterZip used when extracting archives would sometimes hang. I have switched to a more reliant alternative.
  • Service names with / and & were problematic. This works now, but due to macOS limitations slashes are converted to colons.
  • When extracting multi-volume rar archives BetterZip would sometimes display garbage next to the progressbar (e.g. Chinese characters).
  • Extracting large rar archives would sometimes show wrong progress.

What is new in version 4.0.1:

  • Fixed a possible crash when opening an archive through the Favorites sidebar and extracting it with a preset that moves the archive after the extraction.
  • Fixed a possible crash when extracting or compressing an archive through the queue with the "show save panel" option set in the used preset.
  • In some places in the user interface BetterZip 3 was referenced instead of BetterZip 4.
  • "Reveal Service Folder" in Preferences > Presets didn't work correctly.
  • Extracting tar archives with multiple root items with the queue didn't create an extra folder when not set to "Always".
  • BetterZip services and the BetterZip button in Finder didn't automatically show the queue window when compressing or extracting files.
  • "Opening an archive from Finder immediately extracts it" affected the compression, not only the extraction when dropping files on dock icon.
  • The Dropzone action could crash Dropzone after completion.
  • Files were sorted in reverse order when applying a filter in the favorites sidebar.
  • Extracting the BetterZip download package with macOS 10.10 built-in Archive Utility or Safari could lead to BetterZip being "damaged". (Actually, the two included Automator actions were signed in a way that 10.10 didn't like ... don't ask me. Sigh.)
  • When adding multiple parts of a multi-volume archive to the queue through the Finder button, they would all be queued instead of the first part only.

What is new in version 4.0:

h3>Bug Fixes

  • Special folder icons were not preserved correctly in archives.
  • Automatically setting the archive's date to the latest date of any file inside didn't work when using Direct Mode or the "Compress with BetterZip" service.
  • The hidden setting for automatically dropping file extensions for single file archives didn't work in Direct Mode or the "Compress with BetterZip" service.
  • "Hide BetterZip" during archive operations didn't work in some cases.
  • I added tbz2 as recognized extension for BZip2 compressed TAR archives.
  • Fixed the column headers in preset configuration.
  • TAR archives with intermediary "." folders couldn't be extracted as a whole.
  • Fixed a possible crasher bug related to the file browser.

What is new in version 3.0.3:

  • One problem I thought I fixed in version 3.0.2 was still not completely gone: When creating a zip archive with a custom extension, e.g., cbz, BetterZip would create a 7z archive instead and then fail to read it back as zip.
  • BetterZip 3.0.2 couldn't open rar archives with password protected file listings (header encryption).
  • Setting the hidden options from the help page didn't work in all languages.

What is new in version 3.0.1:

These bugs have been fixed:

  • BetterZip could crash when extracting archives with the operations queue.
  • On OS X 10.9 zip and 7z archives couldn't be quick looked in the Finder.
  • Canceling Direct Mode toggling via the toolbar didn't work correctly.
  • Fixed a superfluous error message when extracting a folder while also selecting its contents.
  • The progressbar didn't always update correctly when saving archives.
  • Compressing files by dropping them on the queue window was broken.
  • Password handling was not working correctly in some situation.

There are two small enhancements I made:

  • Clicking the toolbar button "Save" for an existing archive now saves it instead of using the default toolbar button preset to re-save it. If you don't want this new behavior, you can stay with the old one by switching it on the "Hidden Settings" page in the BetterZip help.
  • Included the latest unrar library 5.2.7.

What is new in version 3.0:

The biggest addition is the new Direct Mode which speeds up working with large archives by making archive preparation and recompression obsolete. The old mode that allows you to prepare archives with the safety of undo capabilities for all operations before finally saving is still around. When working with gigabyte archives however, the Direct Mode is a huge timesaver.

What is new in version 2.3.4:

  • Fixed the localizations for OS X 10.10.
  • The text labels on the drop-down buttons in the toolbar were not always correctly enabled/disabled.
  • Extracting multiple tar archives with the queue failed.
  • Fixed some user interface problems on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
  • Some tar.gz files couldn't be extracted correctly on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
  • Under certain circumstances, the Keychain wouldn't remember that access to the BetterZip passwords had been allowed permanently.

What is new in version 2.3.3:

  • ._ files were unnecessarily added when re-saving archives.
  • Access to archive passwords stored in the keychain wouldn't stick for some users on Mavericks.
  • Uncompressed tar now works correctly on Mavericks.
  • The save panel didn't honor specifically set filename extensions from the preset when "show save panel" was set.
  • The radio buttons in the preset lists in the preferences could get confused.
  • On Mavericks the main menu was always displayed in English, regardless of the system locale.
  • Includes the latest unrar.



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