MegaSeg DJ

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MegaSeg DJ
Software Details:
Version: 6.0.4 updated
Upload Date: 24 Aug 17
Developer: Fidelity Media
Distribution Type: Shareware
Price: 99.00 $
Downloads: 81
Size: 22139 Kb

Rating: 1.0/5 (Total Votes: 2)

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MegaSeg is a music and video mixer for Pro DJ's, Radio Stations, and anyone who needs total control over the mix. MegaSeg features a library search and categorizing system to find tracks instantly, and advanced music scheduling and events. Crossfade or beatmix using MegaSeg's multiple sound output support for cue and preview tracks. Compatible with the iTunes Store and iPod.

What is new in this release:

  • New MIDI Presets for the NI Kontrol S4 MK2 and Denon MC6000 MK2 controllers.
  • Output channel settings now only lists the actual channels available for a particular audio device.
  • Automatic Volume Control responds faster, especially in handling higher dynamic or ambient style tracks, and adjustments are visible at lower boost levels.
  • Changing the Library sort order affects the tertiary metadata shown in the Playlist queue.
  • Drag-n-drop of tracks from the Finder or iTunes into the Playlist queue is always in the correct order.
  • Edit: The Tab key can now advance past the Album field.
  • Fixed a bug involving duration discrepancies between metadata and actual audio length.
  • Fixed a bug where mono audio files would not play.
  • Fixed a bug where the Play Count could go negative when segueing early out of a track with zero plays.
  • Fixed a bug where the playlist duration rounded up to 24 hours.
  • Fixed a segue fade bug while the next track's Segue Fade Override option was enabled and a custom cue-in time set.
  • Fixed an issue where the Folders sort view could display odd results if a filename contains many slashes.
  • Import: Drag-n-drop of a Finder folder can now be canceled.
  • Import: Fixed a possible crash when using the Import Folder option many times in a row.
  • Import: The "iTunes Library" import option now includes the Comments tag.
  • Import: Using keyboard shortcuts to close the Import dialog no longer beeps.
  • Import reads an m4a file's Sort Composer tag if available.
  • Import via drag-n-drop from Finder into the Playlist queue is faster.
  • Importing AIFF files now supports ID3 tags.
  • List footers use a larger font when there is room.
  • MIDI: Fixed an issue with the Pioneer DDJ-SB2 preset for the right deck's volume control.
  • MIDI: Refinements to the Numark NS7 and Denon MC6000 Presets.
  • Optimized segues, especially involving short IDs and jingles.
  • Playlists: Fixed a bug where an m3u playlist using file:// paths wouldn't import missing tracks.
  • Search: The left search field now defaults to a "global" search mode, with a new pop-up menu option to switch into a "Filter List" mode. The Command-F shortcut also cycles between modes.
  • Search: The search fields are now larger, and fixed a bug where the field would collapse while toggling the category or playlist views.
  • Search: When a search field is active but not focused, clicking the icon properly brings up the options menu.
  • The Playlist Browser's Prefix button now includes playlist Break tracks.
  • The Playlist queue's footer now always shows the selected track's relative time regardless of how far away.
  • When first launched, if the app is not in the Applications folder, it asks if it should be moved there.
  • When the left list is not focused, a selected track's "in-playlist mark" now matches the foreground color.

What is new in version 6.0.3:

  • New Mixer keyboard shortcuts for Loop 1/2 (H) and Loop 2x (J).
  • MIDI Loop 1/2 and 2x buttons refreshes the loop waveform, and now works correctly with video.
  • MIDI: Fixed bug with double-clicking to edit MIDI values.
  • MIDI: General Preview stays on consistently.
  • Fixed a bug with Mid EQ adjustments while playing video or protected audio files.
  • Fixed a bug with Mixer keyboard shortcuts to adjust Loop In with Shift/Control-I keys.
  • Fixed a possible stall when playing many videos in a row.
  • Fixed a bug when using Insert URL and the file:/// protocol for longer tracks.
  • Logging: The default NowPlaying.html file now avoids server cacheing.
  • Sorting an iTunes Playlist by Date Added works correctly if tracks were not previously imported via the Import dialog.
  • The Library's Category and Bitrate fields no longer overlap in 3-row display mode.

What is new in version 6.0.2:

  • New MIDI Preset for Pioneer DDJ-SX2 controller.
  • Add 5 Random command now works correctly when searching within a category or playlist.
  • Button icons are better proportioned.
  • Changing Cue Position no longer stops the deck if the "deck is playing" dialog is canceled.
  • Changing Cue Position via Remote or MIDI reloads the deck consistently.
  • Cue Position buttons display correctly at startup when restoring playlist.
  • Double-click to add Track from category search results works correctly.
  • Double-clicking a track to cue next no longer displays multiple "deck is playing" warnings.
  • Edit Next works correctly when searching within a category or playlist.
  • Fixed a few rare startup issues.
  • Fixed a rare issue importing iTunes tracks from a file server.
  • Fixed a rare issue opening logs after restoring from a backup.
  • Fixed a rare leak when viewing iTunes playlists on OS X 10.7.
  • Overall segue speeds have been optimized.
  • Print command now displays the total duration, track count, and works with search results.
  • Repetitive use of the 'Edit Next' button no longer leads to an error.
  • Resolved a rare stability issue.
  • Resolved an issue reading MegaSeg Tags when reimporting files.
  • Resolved an issue where advancing too fast twice in a row could stop the track.
  • Resolved an issue where the track duration would be wrong for certain audio formats.
  • Resolved an issue with the "time away" display for playlist Break Tracks.
  • Saving or deleting a MegaSeg playlist properly refreshes the scrollbar.
  • The "Add All" button properly adds the search results from a category or playlist.
  • The Auto-save Library option now also saves once-a-day.
  • The library count now displays correctly after using the Remove Folders command.
  • The Segue button prevents accidental double-clicks.
  • Toggling Auto mode while decks are stopped now updates the time and waveform instantly.
  • Unnecessary Menu commands aren't enabled while dialogs are displayed.
  • When editing a track in the All Categories search results, the track stays selected and scrolled in view.
  • When searching and toggling between categories or playlists, it properly updates the search results in all cases.
  • While performing a multi-select edit, the VU meter is no longer displayed.

What is new in version 6.0.1:

  • Apple Music tracks now displays metadata correctly.
  • Album artwork progress rings now scale according to available space.
  • Automatic Volume Control works correctly with video tracks.
  • Find command (Command-F) now performs a global 'All Categories' search.
  • Resolved an issue which affected selecting, dragging, or deleting Break Tracks.
  • Scheduler uses a new rotation shuffle method to protect against repeats.
  • Sorting playlists now changes the fields shown while in one or two-row mode.
  • The triumphant return of the beloved Seg & Set button.
  • Category Settings: Rotation Order list scrolls to Cue Position by default.
  • Downloaded Insert URL tracks can now be edited to set the volume and title/artist info.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented downloaded files via Insert URL events from playing.
  • Fixed a bug when editing an event where a second click would exit edit mode instead of deselect text.
  • iTunes playlist folders at the end of the list can be expanded properly.
  • Opening the Playlist Browser while the Search field has focus no longer causes the Search field to disappear and library to display.
  • Expanding an iTunes playlist folder properly refreshes the scrollbar.
  • Resolved an intermittent issue that caused an error or stall while loading album artwork.
  • Fixed a bug where it would log a blank line after an open playlist event.
  • Fixed a logging bug where ignored tracks sent "N/A" or "Empty Title" to streaming servers.
  • Fixed an error when using logging FTP upload mode.
  • Resolved an initialization issue if macOS asks to reopen windows on launch.
  • Fixed a possible crash when importing a large number of files from a folder.
  • Fixed a rare error when saving a playlist to iTunes.
  • Fixed a possible error while resizing the window with VU Meters enabled.
  • Fixed an issue clicking Settings while a sheet dialog is visible.
  • Resolved issues when exiting full screen after changing resolutions.
  • Resolved a possible issue where excessive podcasts could slow things down.
  • Fixed an error while searching more than 100,000 tracks.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented canceling an import.
  • Fixed possible Scheduler conflicts while viewing the Category Setting's Rotation Order tab.
  • Resolved a possible error when using HTTP logging with authentication required.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Playlist Browser's Prefix button from working with playlist schedules.
  • Major speed optimizations when sorting large playlists.
  • Optimized loading iTunes playlists with improved progress display in the list footer.
  • Playlist's duration display no longer switches to a coarse hour view after two hours.
  • Reduced VU meter and WaveViewer CPU usage.
  • Sorting while search results are displayed works correctly.
  • The Select Playlist sheet can now delete playlists with the Delete key.
  • The selection-flash is more graceful when double-clicking to promote a track in the playlist.
  • VU Meters now match your color preferences.
  • Various other optimizations, including faster scan for missing files, startup speed, importing, etc.

What is new in version 6.0:

  • Redesigned interface with razor-sharp graphics, crisp text, and shiny new icons rendered at full Retina Display resolution.
  • Supports macOS Sierra and remains compatible with OS X 10.6 and higher.
  • New. MegaSeg is now pure Cocoa to its core! A major "under the hood" improvement which results in numerous UI refinements, and sets a solid foundation for new features moving forward.
  • New! The current song view (with mixer hidden) can now be scaled or zoomed by dragging a divider icon and it maintains a scaled ratio when resizing the window.
  • New. Automatic song trimming now uses a smart volume sensing technique for improved segues, especially with cold and clean endings.
  • New. The Playlist Browser now displays all track info with many sort, search, and display options.
  • New. Decks have a refreshed layout featuring a track's full waveform overview.
  • New. Stylish album art progress rings keeps you alert of a track's remaining time.
  • New. Events can be accurately scheduled down to the second.

What is new in version 5.9.9:

  • Audio Engine better utilizes RAM when playing longer tracks.
  • Fix for finding the default iTunes media import folder.
  • Fixed a bug where "in playlist" marks would reappear for tracks already played after using the Clear Red Played Marks command.
  • Fixed a bug where total playlist time display could become incorrect when adjusting the Cue Position manually.
  • Fixed an intermittent volume fade-out issue when performing a "delayed segue" (i.e. toggling Stop/Start Playlist with a slight pause to extend the fade between tracks.)
  • Full screen mode on OS X El Capitan retains menu bar as in prior versions.
  • Logs Viewer: Can now select log and playlist files that lost their file type info.
  • Logging: Fixed an issue that prevented Nicecast from receiving metadata when its source is set to an audio device rather than MegaSeg directly.
  • MIDI: Fixed issue where a controller's Shift or Mode buttons may trigger a segue while the "None" preset is selected.
  • Playlists: Resolved compatibility issue with playlist files exported from newer versions of iTunes. MegaSeg also now supports reordered or minimal fields as defined in a file's header (using any one or combination of the following field names: Name, Artist, Location, or UniqueID. All other fields are optional and unnecessary).
  • Events/Scheduler: Snazzy new custom file open/save dialogs (which also work better on OS X El Capitan!)
  • Events: Insert URL: Allows the pre-download option when a url contains username and password credentials (e.g. "").
  • Logging: Fixed an Icecast authentication error when the playlist is stopped.
  • Logging: Removed Live365 (RIP) logging feature.
  • Scheduler: Category Settings: Fixed issues when sorting the Reshuffle Times list.
  • Scheduler: Fixed a scheduling bug involving Rules and Replace With Same Category mode, where it could prevent or delay a category from reshuffling per rotation.
  • Scheduler: The old "At Startup" reshuffle mode is now "Every 1 Rotation" by default.
  • Streaming: URLs that don't define a port or file extension are now assumed streaming URLs.
  • Streaming: Fixed playback of live Shoutcast-based streams on OS X El Capitan.
  • When the Pause Turntable Break effect (spindown) is not enabled, it also doesn't happen on Quit, but conversely always happens in the Decks when using the Turntable Break "B" hot key.

What is new in version 5.9.8:

  • Support for OS X 10.11 El Capitan.
  • Decks: Adjusting pitch is smoother with less flutter.
  • Decks: Setting BPM updates Preview button state consistently.
  • Decks: Manual mode doesn't warn when replacing ended tracks
  • Export Library is faster after importing files.
  • Fixed some rare errors at startup and using Mic play-thru.
  • Import folder dialog returns to the last folder, and uses a better default.
  • Import: Fixed an iTunes XML issue that imported unwanted files.
  • Import: iTunes Library import retains track's end time.
  • Import: iTunes Library filter date updates only when tracks import.
  • Logging: Fixed a Nicecast "invalid song time" warning for long tracks.
  • MIDI: The "None" preset blocks auto-selecting other presets.
  • MIDI: Pitch bend buttons auto-returns to original pitch.

What is new in version 5.9.7:

  • Added safety check to ensure proper output device.
  • Improved App Nap compatibility.
  • Improved ambiguous file path resolution.
  • Improved MIDI jog wheel responce.
  • Improved support for latest iTunes.
  • Improved success of displaying album artwork.
  • iTunes Library import uses correct time zone for date filter.
  • Playlist Browser: Fixed a delay when encountering missing tracks.
  • Playlist Browser: Resolved a category assignment issue.
  • Playlist Browser: The list of playlists are refreshed more frequently.
  • Resolved issue involving Discrete Output Mode and tracks under 15 seconds.
  • Show File command reveals HTTP URLs in a web browser.
  • Events: Auto-Saving only triggers when content has changed, resolving Dropbox sync issue.
  • Events: Import File events that assign a Category no longer cause later drag-n-drop imports to assign the same category.
  • Events: Insert URL better supports m3u and pls reference playlist streams.
  • Events: Insert URL events correctly pre-buffer when in the next deck.
  • Events: Insert URL events triggered "at startup" now work correctly.
  • Logging: Added custom save location option when selecting a template file.
  • Logging: Error reports now displays true URL content rather than raw template variables.
  • Logging: Fixed a potential "logging disabled" alert when sharing the data folder.
  • Logging: Fixed possible "need to authenticate" errors when using Break Tracks, Mic On/Off events, or stopping the playlist.
  • Logging: Resolved an issue where Nicecast 1.11.4 could receive double metadata.
  • Logging: Send to Server filters out empty parameters when posting Now Playing metadata.
  • Mic Play-thru: Fixed a possible dropout issue if mic is left on for an extended time.
  • Request List: Removing a track from the Request list using the Delete key properly clears the highlight and note.
  • Rules: Fixed a bug when swapping tracks that could result in incorrect output device assignment.
  • Sync: The Scheduler's Category Settings syncs in cases where the library does not require saving.

What is new in version 5.9.6:

  • Edit Category's Rename/Merge function maintains row selection.
  • Fixed a bug where it could skip tracks if a Break Track starts while the mouse is held down.
  • Fixed a bug where the playlist duration display could become incorrect when adjusting the Cue Position.
  • Fixed a possible error during a segue.
  • Fixed a possible issue setting a track's output device.
  • Fixed a possible registration issue.
  • Import: Skips .url files and fixed filter for .temp files.
  • Optimized sorting and saving library.
  • Playlist Browser: Fixed an error when trying to rename a file with a colon.
  • Playlist Browser: Resolved possible intermittent flicker on Yosemite when playlist preview loses focus.
  • Ambient Video: Fixed a possible crash when starting or looping a video.
  • Ambient Video: Fixed a possible issue where the video window's title bar may reappear while full screen.
  • Ambient Video: Looped videos start from their correct cue-in start position.
  • Events: No longer interrupts a manual mix in progress (i.e. while the next deck is playing but not yet advanced).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented voice-over ducking.
  • Fixed a possible lockup when reloading a looping scheduled playlist.
  • Logging: Improved reporting server errors when logging to a URL, and also fixed an intermittent false error.
  • Logging: Sending song info to an IP address without a port designated correctly assumes port 80.
  • Playlist Browser: Preview list no longer displays HTTP or ICY URLs in red, and dragging new streaming URLs into the playlist works correctly.
  • Sync: Fixed issue where Dropbox sync would not import files from alternative home folder paths.

What is new in version 5.9.5:

  • New MIDI preset for Pioneer DDJ-SX controller.
  • Decks: Fixed varispeed quality when Pitch Lock is off.
  • Fixed a bug where custom segue times might be ignored.
  • Fixed a bug where importing new tracks could cause a "Remove Empty Category" dialog to appear.
  • Fixed a possible "Missing XML" error when changing the iTunes Library location.
  • Fixed an error on OS X 10.6 when dragging a track from iTunes into MegaSeg.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a track to divert to the System Preferences output device.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent short tracks from segueing quickly into the next track.
  • Import now properly skips invisible folders.
  • Improved Apple Remote compatibility.
  • Performance improvements retrieving album artwork.
  • Playlists: Insert Break (Command-B) shortcut now inserts into Next position when nothing is selected.

What is new in version 5.9.4:

  • MegaSeg now requires OS X 10.6 or higher.
  • New sound engine includes higher quality pitch-locking, seamless looping, and hot swappable output devices.
  • New Denon MC2000 and MC3000 controller presets.
  • Album Art: Fixed issue where some cover art would not display on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
  • Decks: The Tap BPM button no longer causes the entire window to move while in full screen mode on Yosemite.
  • Decks: The Tap BPM button refreshes the Play button's status.
  • Edit Categories: Optimized Merge categories function so it doesn't rewrite tags for unchanged categories.
  • Edit: Optimized the Play button to not reload the file each time.
  • Edit: Resolved issue where edit dialog was refreshing VU meters too frequently.
  • Edit: Using a trackpad's "tap to click" to set times via the up/down arrows works correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused it to "Check Tags" each launch.
  • Fixed a bug when the Next deck is playing and double-clicking a track from playlist position #2 would result in two "stop and replace" confirmation dialogs.
  • Fixed a bug where if you segue many tracks in a row quickly, the first track that is fading might jump in volume.
  • Fixed a rare error when cueing a new track.
  • Fixed a rare error when quitting at the same time album artwork is animating.
  • Fixed various interface flicker issues on OS X Yosemite.
  • Import: Fixed a bug where the library track count might not refresh after importing.
  • Import: The "iTunes Library" import method no longer includes un-downloaded Podcasts.
  • Importing now auto-saves the Library when complete.
  • Importing: Fixed a bug that could prevent MP4 and M4V video files from importing.
  • Library Tools: Import Library as Text no longer gives an error when encountering less columns of data than expected, as well as converts M:SS times to MM:SS format.
  • Library: Now attempts to reconnect media on Time Capsule volumes.
  • Loading library now displays a warning message if there is an ownership & permissions issue.
  • Logging: New NSDistributedNotificationCenter support for Nicecast and other apps that listens for "com.fidelitymedia.MegaSeg.nowPlaying" notifications.
  • Logs: Fixed a bug where the last track listed under Recently Played would not refresh.
  • Logs: The "Days Start At" setting only appears once a specific log date is selected.
  • Metadata: Fixed an AAC bug that could cause certain tracks to import without metadata.
  • MIDI: Mid EQ signals are now better supported.
  • Playlist Browser: Double click on a track with the option key held down now correctly puts it at the top of the main Playlist queue.
  • Playlist Browser: Fixed issue where toggling the Playlist browser view would deselect the last selected playlist.
  • Playlist Browser: Now shows correct focus ring color.
  • Playlist Browser: Optimized playlist loading and progress feedback for very large playlists.
  • Playlist Browser: Refreshing iTunes playlists redisplays the selected playlist with new content.
  • Printed lists now display the intro time based on subtracted cue-in (start) time.
  • Reduced and standardized the fine-tune auto-repeat duration for Deck's Cue Forward/Back and Edit's Cue/End time.
  • Two-finger scrolling works while hovering over scrollbars.
  • Using Command-Up/Down Arrows to move a selected track in the Playlist no longer causes the Next deck to reload.
  • Various other interface tweaks.
  • Admin Mode: Renaming playlists is now protected when Administration Mode is enabled.
  • Ambient Playlist: Double-clicking a track from the Library or Playlist Browser correctly adds it into the Ambient Playlist.
  • Events: Fixed a bug where scheduling an event using only three "days of the week" triggers (i.e. 1:00pm, Mon/Wed/Fri), would be confused with a date format.
  • Events: Fixed a bug with the Insert Break (serial port trigger) "Send on Receive" function.
  • Events: Fixed a error when a system's localized time uses an unusual delimiter.
  • Events: Fixed a rare error when using the Insert URL event to pre-download a track.
  • Events: Using the "Insert Break (serial port trigger)" with Interrupt option enabled, no longer skips over the inserted break.
  • Events: Type-to-Select now works in the select playlist dialog.
  • Events: Insert and Open events no longer trigger a Segue when AutoSeg mode is turned off (unless Interrupt flag is set).
  • Events: Inserting a track in front of a stream URL track now works correctly without a warning dialog.
  • Hot Keys: Fixed volume slider display for Yosemite.
  • Logging: Correctly detects new white/gray "iTunes Notes" as having no cover artwork for NowPlaying 'ArtworkTrueFalse' tag.
  • Logging: Fixed a possible error when using "Send to Server" in FTP mode.
  • Logging: Fixed an intermittent report message about wrong username or password when sending metadata to a server when two or more tracks are segued quickly.
  • Logging: Fixed possible error messages when using the Send To Server function with multiple URLs.
  • Logging: Send To Server no longer sends "ID/PSA" artist and album fields for Break Tracks.
  • Logging: The ComingUp log file is now updated as changes are made rather than once per segue.
  • Mic Ducking: Correctly scales from current master volume.
  • Mic Playthru: Device settings now take effect while Mic is on, and device output volume is reset automatically.
  • Network Sync: Category Browser list is now automatically refreshed.
  • Network Sync: Fixed possible error when syncing the library, especially over slower networks.
  • Network Sync: The Events list is now automatically synced between systems.
  • Network Sync: Each system's currently active Events list is maintained post sync.
  • Rules: Fixed a bug where Album Separation would be flagged for a particular artist if both track's album fields were empty.
  • Scheduler: Supports Finder file drops (with auto-import if required.)
  • Sync: Fixed a Dropbox auto-sync bug when a track is assigned or imported into a new category, it now instantly refreshes the category list.
  • Sync: Fixed a Dropbox auto-sync bug where it could cause changelog conflicts or other errors.

What is new in version 5.9.3:

  • Artwork: Fixed a bug where album artwork might not display correctly when segueing quickly.
  • Decks: Toggling Pitch Lock maintains the output device's channel setting.
  • Edit Category: When multiple categories are selected, it consistently scrolls to the first one.
  • Fixed a rare issue where loading the library could stall at startup.
  • Fixed possible crashes if quit during album artwork animation, or importing zero-byte length .flac files.
  • Import: Files with a ".temp" extension are properly ignored.
  • iTunes: In cases where old iTunes libraries exist, it's smarter at using the correct one.
  • Lists: Added more font size options.
  • Logging: Fixed a bug where it could fail to move logs into the Archived Logs folder.
  • MIDI: New Numark Mixtrack Edge preset.
  • MIDI: Fix for a possible error when setting midi control values.
  • MIDI: Fixed an issue where the OS X MIDIServer could fail with certain devices.
  • MIDI: Fixed the Hercules RMX2 preset to use the correct MIDI channel.
  • MIDI: New commands to toggle into memory position set and delete modes.
  • Multiprocess AV: Fixed an intermittent issue where a track could fail to AutoSeg.
  • Multiprocess AV: Fixed an issue when exiting a loop would prevent scrubbing before the loop in point.
  • Outputs: Added support for 16 channel audio devices.
  • Playlist Browser: After clearing out the library, the iTunes Playlist browser will successfully import tracks on-the-fly.
  • Playlist Browser: Collapsing an iTunes playlist folder no longer incorrectly removes other open folder contents at the same level.
  • Playlist Browser: Fixed a bug where tracks with titles that start with a colon could not be dragged into the playlist queue.
  • Playlist Browser: iTunes Playlists with the same name but in different sub-folders are no longer incorrectly merged.
  • Playlist Browser: When double-clicking a playlist and canceling the dialog asking if it should replace an existing playlist, it no longer clears the playlist preview.
  • Printing the library or a playlist has a refreshed look.
  • Removing and trashing a file no longer causes a pinwheel if the file is already in the Trash.
  • Search: Added lexical conversion for Ae and Ø unicode characters.
  • Select User Data Folder: Fixed a possible error if selected library size was much smaller than the last selected library.
  • Trash file and Show file functions are faster, block sound effects, and compatible with Finder replacements.
  • Wave Viewer: Fixed an issue while scrubbing backwards via multitouch trackpad gestures or MIDI jog wheels could cause playback speed to get out of whack.
  • Wave Viewer: Resolved an issue where the waveform would stop rendering if a track reached the end while scrubbing.
  • Category Browser: Fixed Audio/Video filter checkboxes to force selection of at least one, and toggling the Video checkbox causing the "Match Any/All" mode to change.
  • Events, Logging: Upload/Download buffers are cleared prior to performing new tasks.
  • Events: Allows for ":60 past the hour" events to trigger at the top of hour same as ":00 past the hour".
  • Events: Insert URL: Now Supports FTP downloads. Note the username and password must be included in the URL using the "ftp://user:password@domain/" syntax.
  • Events: Insert URL download events now follow server redirections.
  • Events: New Insert Break (Serial Trigger) option to send data on receive.
  • Hot Keys: Dropping tracks into the list now consistently refreshes the main Library's Category view.
  • Hot Keys: Fixed an issue when using Multiprocess AV mode, where triggering a track to play a 2nd time required pressing the Hot Key two times.
  • Hot Keys: Removing a track from a Hot Keys category list preserves the track's remaining categories.
  • Library Tools: Refresh Play Counts function is much faster, with progress by percentage and cancel button. Also fixed a bug that prevented title-only tracks from refreshing, or give an error due to odd files in the logs folder.
  • Library Sync: New experimental (aka beta) support for syncing and importing into categories while using Dropbox for MegaSeg's data folder.
  • Logging: Added "LengthSeconds" field to logging templates.
  • Logging: Added Notes field to the list of "Send to HTTP Server" properties.
  • Logging: Fixed a password issue when sending metadata to multiple Shoutcast servers without using a fully formatted URL.
  • Logging: Fixed an issue where certain artwork might not register as valid.
  • Logging: NowPlaying.jpg cover artwork file is now scaled if excessively large.
  • Mic Play-thru now uses smaller (faster) CoreAudio buffer by default.
  • Multiprocess AV: Fixed a video playback issue when segueing two video tracks quickly.
  • Multiprocess AV: Fixed an issue where the "Always Closed" Video menu command had no affect.
  • Multiprocess AV: When toggling video's from full screen to windowed mode, it properly repositions the video window.
  • Preview: Fixed possible errors when using the mini preview player while changing list selection, or viewing logs that contains malformed data.
  • Scheduler: Fixed a bug where removing a track from a category would cause it to remove many other tracks from the same category rotation until it reshuffled itself (or reshuffled manually).
  • Scheduler: Fixed possible issue where using "Never shuffle" mode with custom track order could reorder the category alphabetically after removing a track from the library.
  • Show History command is optimized with a cleaner look, and fixed a bug in cases where the Archived Logs folder did not exist.
  • Stream Playback: Support for stream playback via VLC, which also routes audio to the same device as MegaSeg's Playlist output, as well as support for HE-AAC streams on OS X 10.6 and 10.7. (Note this currently requires installing the 32-bit in the Applications folder.)
  • Stream Playback: The track loaded in the Next position are pre-started so they can play instantly when segued, and ensures content is as live as possible.
  • Streaming: MegaSeg now updates the LadioCast encoder's metadata automatically.


Pauses audio every 20 minutes.

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