Radiologik DJ

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Radiologik DJ
Software Details:
Version: 2017.6.1 updated
Upload Date: 11 Jul 17
Developer: MacinMind Software
Distribution Type: Shareware
Price: 128.00 $
Downloads: 17
Size: 17262 Kb

Rating: 0.0/5 (Total Votes: 0)

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Radiologik DJ is the DJ live assist specifically built for the needs of radio but very useful for all DJing needs with the exception of club mix features. It features 3 main players and one library player, all with selectable individual audio outputs, detailed time calculations, a lot of fast and smooth iTunes integration, and Nicecast artist and title publishing. It is complemented by a separate scheduler for full station automation.

What is new in this release:

  • Added detachable palette window with drag/drop support with track lists
  • Added Studio Timer (top left on main window) with track actions for timing lengths or timing to target times
  • Added option to Tweet album art to Preferences-->Publishing
  • Added many more replacement tags for Twitter publishing
  • Added <dpub> tag to indicate true or false for default publishing for TCP/UDP/Serial and CustomPublishURL outputs
  • Added paste support for single Finder items into Program Queue, Spot and Library
  • Changes to how preferences are saved to keep global and preference sets more distinct

What is new in version 2017.5.1:

  • Added Year column to Play History
  • Now retains credentials when there's an authentication problem, just in case the authentication problem is temporary on's side
  • Fixes handling of MIDI surface devices that contain a : in their name
  • Improvements to Time Announce handling
  • Logos palette set selection now allows all 20 sets
  • Fixes order of adding to queue using AddFileToQueue AppleScript command
  • non-ML: Track Properties and Preview players should now consistently stop at the end of the track audio
  • non-ML: Some adjustments to setting channel layouts
  • non-ML: Returns 64-bit build

What is new in version 2017.2.1:

  • Meter display choices are now Logarithmic and Linear with the linear set to a percentage scale
  • Added several new replacement tags for CustomPublishURL, TCP/UDP & serial publishing. See Help
  • For network and serial publishing, added ability to subtract seconds from duration with <s-XX> syntax (eg. <s-05> or <s-20> to subtract 5 or 20 seconds) in order to let RDS units return to default PS a few seconds before the tracks ends
  • Added AppleScript definition SendUDPCommand
  • UDP should no longer hold the port so now other apps can use it
  • Removed Max Total limiter from Publishing Text Command as it is probably never needed and can cause trouble when it isn't noticed that it is limiting commands
  • Added option to not send default publishing with Publishing Text Command as some RDS systems have their own defaults after the currently published duration expires
  • Advanced preferences KeepSchedulerOpen should now work properly with correct instance when there are multiple instances of Scheduler
  • Time announcements that change to a time where a file doesn't exist are now kept in queue as a silent placeholder

What is new in version 2017.1.1:

  • Published tracks are now bolded in Play History and Album is now bolded for published items if Publish Album is on
  • Player volumes are now set to prevailing up volume when players are started without a fader start with auto off and fader starts on
  • Fixed encodings for Line In and Line Out names
  • Keyboard commands are now accepted again when Keyboard Reference window is showing
  • Non-ML: Added Advanced Preferences DisableAppToFront and DisableScrollWheelVolume
  • Triple segue using 3rd player for non-voiceovers is no longer used with Auto off
  • Spots can now use fader start for 3rd player
  • Waveforms and Cue button now update more properly in Track Properties after editing start trim

What is new in version 2016.9.1:

  • Added Airlite UDP support
  • Better resets of Airlite button states
  • Changed TCP publishing text encoding from ISOLatin1 to UTF-8
  • Possible localization fix
  • Now filters line feeds out of grouping
  • UTI fixes
  • Modernized build structure and codesigning

What is new in version 2016.8.1:

  • Added USB HID control and Airlite support
  • Added Persistent ID support for marking tracks played in iTunes, logging, and web publishing
  • Added separate preview player control support for MIDI Surface and USB HID
  • Changed Advanced Preference iTunesMarkUsingAlbum to iTunesMarkUsingPersistentID
  • Added https support for CustomPublishURL
  • Accommodates MIDI buttons that use Note velocity to indicate on/off states

What is new in version 2016.6.1:

  • Performance improvement when non-VO 3rd player track is next in queue
  • Improvements to CustomPublishURL
  • Improved album reporting for Scheduler's album separation
  • Added Russian localization

What is new in version 2016.5.1:

  • Non-ML: Returns 64-bit build
  • Non-ML: All button art is now retina
  • Non-ML: Updated to latest Sparkle update engine which now updates via https
  • Non-ML: Updated Gatekeeper codesigning
  • Fader start behavior is now enhanced to do fader stops and load players with volume at 0 when auto is off
  • Channel 0 MIDI surface commands are sent to MIDI Surfaces again
  • Added advanced preference: NoPlayChangeScriptForDefaultPub to prevent NowPlayingChanged script from executing for default publishing
  • Removed advanced preference: FastWebPublish
  • Replaced script to play podcasts silently in iTunes when marking them played with script that closes iTunes and re-opens iTunes after marking track played if nothing is playing in iTunes. This is all part of an attempt to convince iTunes to no longer stop downloads of podcasts because it believes no episodes have been played recently
  • Playing track should now be returned to queue when recueing with empty queue after adding tracks from Library
  • CustomPublishURL now always uses GET instead of POST

What is new in version 2016.4.1:

  • Non-ML version: Now allows audio playback of mp4 and m4v video files
  • Increased separation history from 50 to 100 for new separation max values in Scheduler
  • DJEvents scripts no longer appear in AppleScript menus due to being misunderstood. If you legitimately use these scripts, you'll need to copy them and rename them without the DJEvent prefix
  • Added StartPlayer AppleScript definition
  • Stability fixes from 2016.3.2.
  • Library player is no longer muted when players 1 - 3 are muted
  • Logos edited in track properties should now be applied while track is loaded in player
  • Added Radiologik folder item to File menu

What is new in version 2016.3.1:

  • Added ShowErrorNotifications to Advanced Preferences
  • Fixed Play History trim
  • Applescripts with .scptd extension are now accepted

What is new in version 2016.2.1:

  • Returned to 32-bit build for overall efficiency and will bring back 64-bit once it is beneficial or necessary
  • In an attempt to solve the problem of iTunes unsubscribing from podcasts that were played but just not in iTunes, Radiologik DJ will now actually play the last second of the track with genre Podcast in iTunes with the volume at 0 if nothing else is playing in iTunes at the time
  • Errors.log will now report what file was last playing from program queue when launched after an unexpected quit
  • Audio engine refinements
  • Rewritten silence sensor
  • Added recent album tracking for Scheduler's new album separation
  • Recent history for Scheduler's artist, composer, title, album separation is now kept between launches

What is new in version 2015.8.1:

  • Font change to timers for El Capitan
  • Preference fixes
  • Registration now applies to all users of a computer

What is new in version 2015.3.1:

  • Changed Advanced preference TitlePublishingRegExMask to PublishingRegExMask and changed function to include title, artist, and album
  • Improved error reporting on importing from iTunes into DJ's Library
  • All Web files are now saved in UTF-8 encoding
  • Removed old standard web html outputs like 'last10.html'. These almost always need customization. Use templates instead to make your own. Templates of these old web outputs can be installed from the Radiologik DJ menu.
  • Improved error handling of reading from "Add to Top", "Add to Bottom" and Web templates folder

What is new in version 2015.1.1:

- Library Shuffle now does up to 25 track spacing artist separation
- Performance and reliability improvements to logging and marking tracks played in iTunes with large iTunes libraries and fast transitions
- Minor graphical tweaks for Yosemite

What is new in version 2014.10:

Drags from iTunes 12 are now accepted by the palette buttons.

What is new in version 2014.10.1:

  • Re-enabled Twitter publishing by switching from SSLv3 to TLS
  • Corrected TimeOffset display when using darker window colors
  • Added UseTimeOffsetForTextCommand (default on) to Advanced Preferences
  • Added more details to Errors.log when logging TCP publishing errors

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