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Version: 2.4.3 updated
Upload Date: 18 Jul 15
Developer: Bob Hepple
Distribution Type: Freeware
Downloads: 17

Rating: 3.0/5 (Total Votes: 1)

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gjots is an open source graphical software designed especially to marshal and organize text notes in a convenient and hierarchical way.

gjots2 is a simple jotter application for GTK/GNOME, designed to allow users to easily organize their jottings into a tree structure, adding thoughts and miscellany as you go.

The application can be used for jottings, notes, recipes, PINs, passwords, articles, web pages, manuals, as well as bits and pieces. For passwords, it uses strong encryption.

Being similar to the KJots software of the KDE desktop environment, gjots can also be used to "mind-map" larger compositions.

What is new in this release:

  • Added gjots2org, org2gjots and ability to open .org files
  • Add ^t accelerator for timestamp
  • Add ^Insert accelerator for NewPage
  • add appdata file
  • Use {xdg,gnome,kde,exo}-open to open URL's if available

What is new in version 2.4.1:

  • Add support for gtk.builder (glade-3, fedora-18) in addition to gtk.xml (glade-2, Centos6)
  • Add a combobox on the find entry in the menubar with associated gconf entries.
  • Support gtksourceview3 as well as gtksourceview2 and gtksourceview
  • "move treeitem up/down" can now jump to adjacent parents
  • use a secondary treestore for cut & paste intead of a temporary file. A little more secure.
  • Fix gpg2 support
  • Added AutoSave after N seconds
  • Added last_file so that fileselect dialog can be primed
  • Added auto_read_only_timeout

What is new in version 2.3.16:

  • Uses xdg-open/gnome-open as url handlers.
  • Adds an ^R shortcut for the read-only flag.
  • A Swedish translation.
  • A workaround for re.I not working on Unicode strings.
  • Enables utf-8 in find/replace.
  • Adds a pop-up to remind the user to install pygtksourceview to get undo.
  • Prevents drag and drop before root item.
  • Gives focus to menubar_find_entry on find-next/find-prev and select all.
  • Jumps to next/prev item on PgDn/PgUp at end/start of textBuffer.
  • Fixes a lib64 issue for x86_64.

What is new in version 2.3.15:

  • New Features:
  • German translation (run with LC_ALL=de_DE.utf8 gjots2)
  • Find entry and icons added to menubar

What is new in version 2.3.13:

  • Spanish language support (thanks to Cecilio Salmeron)

What is new in version 2.3.12:

  • Spanish language support (thanks to Cecilio Salmeron)

What is new in version 2.3.11:

  • A "Recent files" menu is supported.
  • Read-only mode now makes inoperative tool buttons disappear.
  • The dialog to set font was fixed. Preferences were moved under the Edit menu item.
  • The RPM packages are now installable on RHEL/Centos-5.5.
  • Dialogs now respond better to the keyboard.
  • If a file's timestamp changes while gjots2 is editing it, then you are told about it and asked to confirm whether to overwrite.
  • "Find" of an item now scrolls the treeview to that item.
  • A "Find Next" menu item (^G) was added.

What is new in version 2.3.10:

  • gtksourceview2 is supported.
  • Smaller toolbar logos are used.

What is new in version 2.3.9:

  • Added Undo and Redo to the text buffer by using gtksourceview (thanks to Jiahua Huang). Note that the tree view does not have an undo function.

What is new in version 2.3.8:

  • The dependency list in gjots2.gjots was updated.
  • The -1, -2, and -4 options were added to gjots2lpr.
  • When the "find" dialog pops up, the "search for" text is now selected so that it can be overwritten by just typing.
  • The feature to "invoke browser on url double-click" was cleaned up. gjots2html was extended to 8 levels (and cleanup).


  • Python
  • PyGTK
  • libglade
  • gnome-python

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