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Open Classifieds

Open Classifieds 2.7.0 / updated

Open Classifieds is a simple classified ads system coded on top of the Kohana PHP framework. It is easy to deploy with the help of a simple installer, comes with an administration panel that greatly simplifies managing its content, and is also packed...


mAdserve 2.0.1

mAdserve is an open source project which will let webmasters with smaller marketing budgets to advertise their products and services on mobile devices.With support for over 30 global ad networks, mAdserve can be used to setup direct-sold, promotional, and...

Revive Adserver

Revive Adserver 3.2.3 updated

Revive Adserver is a fork of OpenX, a commercial ad server that was once open sourced. This version continues the free work put into the original project and provides an open alternative to current OpenX versions. If you haven't ever used an ad server,...

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OSClass 3.6.1 updated

From a tiny Web script a few years back, OSClass has become one of the most used classified ads scripts on the market today. Thanks to an administration panel and a file structure similar to what WordPress uses, users have found it incredibly easy to...

Lazy Ads

Lazy Ads 1.1.8 updated

The Lazy Ads library will enable developers to optimize how and when their ads show up on a page.While there are similar libraries that can help developers out with this operation, Lazy Ads is one of the few that takes into account the new RWD trend, aka...

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