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MiniShare 0.0.1

MiniShare was developed for developers tired of loading complicated, complex and over-blown sharing toolkits on their site.With support for the World's most important social networks, Twitter and Facebook, MiniShare provides a fast-loading, mini sharing...

Twilio (Python)

Twilio (Python) 4.5.0 updated

Twilio allows web applications to easily make and receive phone calls and SMS text messages using a simple web service API and basic web programming skills like HTTP, XML, and REST. Developers can so create hosted IVR, PBX and SMS applications.The Twilio...


fb.py 0.1

The fb.py library will allow Python developers to build their own custom apps that integrate with Facebook's services.Facebook API credentials are needed to use this library, but once entered they will allow developers to query the Graph API for various...


zFlickrFeed 1.0.2

zFlickrFeed is a basic Flickr search utility that can get recent photos based on a set of criteria.It supports image tags and individual user upload streams, allowing developers to retrieve and embed on remote sites Flickr images without having to deal...

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pygmaps 0.1.1

It comes with functions for generating HTML files and showing GPS data on top of the Google map.Features:Set grids on map Handle GPS data Control latitude, longitude, zoom Add and customize markers Set point with a radius (circle) Create polygons or...


GMaps.js 0.4.19 updated

The plugin reduces the amount of code needed to embed and edit official Google Maps on a Web page. GMaps.js was developed because most of the times both users and developers barely scratch the surface of the Google Maps service when embedding a map on a...

Apache POI

Apache POI 3.13 updated

Apache POI was designed to work with the Office Open XML standards (OOXML) and Microsoft's OLE 2 Compound Document format (OLE2). Using POI, developers can read and write MS Excel files, MS Word files, MS PowerPoint files and MS Outlook messages...

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Netatmo PHP Widget

Netatmo PHP Widget 0.6 updated

Netatmo is an online service, a database containing up to date details about the weather conditions and air quality for various locations across the globe. The Netatmo PHP Widget provides a simple mechanism for building Netatmo weather widgets. The widget...



FlashX's structure is powerful, extensible, scalable and compact, maintaining readability.The library provides a lot of shortcuts and shorthand. FlashX tries not to rely on certain parts of the standard Flash API. The standard API vectors, matrices, keys,...