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iPodDisk 2.0b1

iPodDisk is designed to make it easy and intuitive to copy music off iPod; it enables you to do so within the Finder, or whatever application that can read files.What is new in this release:Version 2.0beta1: ported to MacFUSE. a new logo. built as...

Live Shoot

Live Shoot 1.0.3

Live Shoot enables you to upload images while you shoot, enabling anyone around the world to watch your shoot as it happens, from any computer on the internet. Live Shoot enables remote art direction, instant image approvals, immediate editing ,and image...

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McDwiff connects to Autodesk's online DWF translator, so accuracy is always 100%. Of course this means your DWF is being uploaded to Autodesk servers, so don't use McDwiff unless you're OK with that. It's all private and stuff, but you never know. Open...