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MoviePod 1.22

MoviePod saves you the trouble of having to manually convert your movies in order to play them on your iPod. With MoviePod, converting a movie takes a single Drag & Drop! MoviePod can automatically add converted movies to a playlist of your choice and...

A set of script that make easy to retrieve iPod tracks directly by iTunes. The script "iPod tracks -> Desktop" is installed in iTunes script menu. This script will copy the selected tracks in iTunes (not Playlists) off your iPod on your Desktop, easily....


Dot.tunes 3.0b2

Dot.tunes is Web server application that supports mp3, AAC, aiff, .wav, mpeg, mp4, and .mov files, allowing you to share your iTunes library contents with your friends in other cities, your classmates across the dorm or the coworkers scattered throughout...

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