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conformalizer 3.6.4 updated

Conformalizer is an audio post production tool which allows sound editors to automatically conform and rebalance ProTools sessions, FX lists and ADR databases to match a changed picture cut. it works by comparing picture EDLs, XML, cutlists or change...


PixelToy 3.0 updated

PixelToy isn't a game, nor is it a screen saver, nor a paint program -- but it has aspects of all of these. With PixelToy you can generate an endless variety of beautiful, mesmerizing moving images. Best of all, if you pop in an audio CD, you can watch...

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m3u2mp3 1.14

m3u2mp3 downloads the MP3 files listed inside "streaming" M3U files. This app is based on a Perl script, but provides full drap-and-drop support, as well as the ability to associate M3U files with this app (allowing double-click download of the M3U...


BeatLines 1.1.2

BeatLines is a sample based step sequencer, also supporting MIDI. Having a variety of preset beat rhythms to build on, eight beat tracks, and note divisions from whole note to 32nds, you can can create almost every beat you can imagine. Each beat...

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