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CocoModX 0.2.2

CocoModX is an audio module player. It is capable of playing MOD, IT, XM, S3M, MTM, 669, STM, ULT, FAR, MED, AMF, DSM, IMF, GDM, STX, OKT files, and zipped MOD files named MDZ. It also has the capability of downloading files from http and ftp sites....

DrDJ Free

DrDJ Free 3.0b

DrDJ Free is a little applications for DJ wannabes. It can play any audio file QuickTime can play and allows you to crossfade between songs. You're in control of the transition, but DrDJ Free can do everything automatically, too. The on-the-fly playlist...


MuSing 1.0.7

MuSing is a beat generation program designed to produce striking, purely original rhythms. MuSing uses the powers of evolution to grow families of beats; you choose the best in the family to spawn a new generation. Everything you create is entirely...

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