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AudioXplorer 1.3.1

AudioXplorer is a powerful sound analyzer software designed specifically for Mac OS X. Features: Real-time analysis AudioXplorer provides real-time analysis window where user can visualize the oscilloscope, spectrum and sonogram. Several real-time windows...

LC Xmu

LC Xmu 2.2.0

LC Xmu provides emulation of a Logic Control or Mackie Control in software, for control and automation of LC/MC-supporting host applications in Mac OS X. A hardware MIDI controller's knobs, faders, buttons or keys can be mapped to the LC/MC's various...

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PXL Vision is an iMovie effect made to simulate the visual effect of a toy camcorder sold in the late 80's. This toy camcorder recorded video on regular audio tapes. To limit the amount of data saved to this thin tape, the video was recorded in black and...

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