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lower cap

lower cap 3.0.0u

what is it? lower cap is a color effect plugin that simply ensures that every channel (red, green, blue) in a pixel has a minimum value. you can control each channel individually. whenever a channel's value is below the cap value, it will be re-set to...

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Audio Hijack

Audio Hijack 3.3.1 updated

Audio Hijack is the perfect tool to record any audio on your computer. With Audio Hijack, you can quickly and easily save audio from almost any application to an AIFF file. This file can then be burned to a CD, or played with any audio player, from iTunes...

XO Wave

XO Wave 1.0.3

XO Wave has a lot of features useful to people working with audio and video: Red Book CD Mastering: CD Mastering is easy, just mark your tracks, create a master and burn! ISRC, MCN/UPC and CD Text are supported as well. Edit while XO Wave works: XO Wave...

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MpcOSX 0.12

This is a Mac OS X native client for MPD, a jukebox that supports all sorts of clients and file types. It lets you browse the library, add tracks to playlists, save playlists, skip around between or inside tracks, and so on -- the usual things you'd...


AudioCalc 1.2

AudioCalc is a simple utility which calculates audio file sizes. Given any bit depth, sample rate, number of tracks, and number of channels (mono/stereo). AudioCalc can tell you either how much space a file (or set of files) of a given length and format...