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X-Tunes 2.0

X-Tunes is a free, fast and uninstrusive utility to control iTunes playback without bringing the iTunes window to the foreground. X-Tunes does not display a window permanently on screen, but only while you press a given key combination (Ctrl+Space by...

Zimple-Gate is an Audio Noise Gate AudioUnits plug-in designed for Garageband. Clean-up your dirty tracks with this simple noise-gate. A noise gate is generally used to remove unwanted noise or sounds from a recorded audio track. To operate the gate, you...

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SuperCard 4.7.3

SuperCard has been called difficult to describe. It is many different things to different users. One thing it is to all users, is a seasoned, rock solid tool, without the quirks present in other scripting environments. As a development tool, it allows...