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MidiKit 4.2 updated

MidiKit is a MIDI file browser/editor and batch processor. The browser quickly displays the most significant information about MIDI files. The editor allows native SMF editing with unlimited undo/redo capacity. Finally, MidiKit allows you to apply several...

SndSampler is a simple-to-use yet powerful audio recording and editing application.Supports 8, 16, 24, and 32-bit audioMultichannel audio up to 32 channels, can be played back on Macs with two-channel (stereo) hardwareAny sample rate - 192 kHz and...

iPodder X

iPodder X 3.0

iPodderX makes it easy to get your news, podcasts, video logs, or anything else in a newsfeed! iPodderX uses the power of RSS and Atom feeds to bring fresh content to your desktop automatically. Just like a newspaper or a cable TV subscription, these...

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