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MulleSight 1.1.10

MulleSight is a tiny application for capturing pictures taken with your iSight camera (others may work as well). It features a complete AppleScript interface, so you can do all sort of stuff with it.What is new in this release:New in this version is the...


pixellate 3.0.0u

This iMovie-plugin takes part of your clip, and 'enlarges the pixels', creating a 'witness protection'-style result. You can choose the active area, horizontal, and vertical pixel size (independently!). Used in conjunction with the optional opacity, it...

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MythRemote 0.81

MythRemote is a cocoa-based Mac OS X application, which allows you to control a MythTV frontend via a TCP/IP connection. You can control is via mouse events in the GUI, or keyboard commands which are passed through to the Myth host. The network...

photo paper

photo paper 3.0.0u

this color effect iMovie plug-in simulates different kinds of black & white photo paper. you have direct control of the paper's sensitivity to light, making it very easy to achieve some stylistic 'madium' to 'hard' photo paper effects. note: this...

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turn clip

turn clip 3.0

This free iMovie plug-in rotates your clip exactly 90, 180 or 270 degrees. Since DV clips are not square, parts of the clip will be lost when rotating 90 or 270 degrees, and the clip will show bands of a (user defined) color left and right of the formerly...