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iPoll 1

iPoll by SurveyGizmo lets you build and share polls through your iPhone or send to Web users. Where to do lunch. Who will win the election. or American Idol You have questions, ask 'em from anywhere, then share the results. (formerly Mobile...

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Hahlo 1

Hahlo is an iPhone-styled interface for the great Twitter service, and it is built upon their simple API. All you need to use Hahlo is a twitter account. Your login details are not stored by hahlo.com, they are saved in a cookie to allow access to things...

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Log in with your AOL IM account. No data is logged, but all of your information does pass through my server. I am not harvesting any information. This app is server intensive, so I'm limiting sessions to 10 minutes for now. Use your mouse to flick (drag...