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Backdoor 1.0

The "Backdoor" system allows users or admins alike to authenticate on the site without actually typing in a password for the desired account.While dirty minds might think of this as a way to hack into a site, Backdoor was created for debugging...

Apache Oltu

Apache Oltu 1.0.1 updated

OAuth is an open protocol that allows users to share their private resources (e.g. photos, videos, contact lists) stored on one site with another site without having to hand out their username and password. Apache Oltu simply ports various features of...

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PassLib 1.6.2

PassLib provides cross-platform implementations of over 20 password hashing algorithms.Can be used for:- Quick-start password hashing for new python applications.- Constructing a configurable hashing policy to match the needs of any python application.-...


OAuth2 1.1.0 updated

OAuth2 implements the newer changes made to the OAuth protocol via its more secure 2.0 version, but still keeps the simple interaction model used with the first version. The library is nothing more than a plain Ruby wrapper for the official protocol API,...


Satellizer 0.9.4 updated

Satellizer uses a token-based authentication method and supports various social login systems like:- Google- Twitter- Facebook- LinkedIn- Foursquare- GitHubA classic email & password method is also supported, along with the ability to sign-up and register...


RUMSY 2015.5

RUMSY stands for "RedIcon User Membership System" and is a standalone user management system for your PHP applications, a solution that can be used on its own, or integrated with existing applications.This small PHP script lets users register on a...

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Sitelok 4.5 updated

Using Web development industry terms, Sitelok is membership manager, a script that allows a webmaster to control and oversee a site's users, editing their profile details, organizing them in groups, fine-tuning access rights and setting up authentication...

Steam Login

Steam Login 1.0.2 updated

Steam Login can be used as the base of plugins, extensions, add-ons, modules, etc. that enhance a forum, CMS, blog, or other types of applications to support Steam-based logins.The library works like any other OpenID-powered social login system and should...