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CrucibleWDS 2.3.3 updated

CrucibleWDS is an open source and web-based software project, a managed computer imaging solution designed for cloning Linux, as well as Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 installations. It has a strong focus on schools and small businesses.Features at a...


Cyphertite 2.0.4

Cyphertite is a free, cross-platform and open source command-line application designed to enable users to easily create remote and highly encrypted backups. It can also be used as an encrypted file storage powered by the strongest standards-compliant...

Percona XtraBackup

Percona XtraBackup 2.4.9 updated

Percona XtraBackup is an open source, portable, free and non-blocking command-line software that acts as a standalone backup solution for the well-known XtraDB and InnoDB storage engines. It features automatic backup verification and offers higher uptimes...

Cedar Backup

Cedar Backup 2.24.2

Cedar Backup is an open source, cross-platform and free software project that has been designed from the ground up to be used on top of a GNU/Linux or UNIX-like environment to manage system backups. It’s a command-line application that can be used...

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Kup Backup System

Kup Backup System 0.6.1 updated

Kup Backup System is an open source and freely distributed graphical software implemented in Qt and designed to allow Linux users to easily backup their entire filesystems or just a specified folder/file. It is tailored specifically for the KDE desktop...

Deja Dup

Deja Dup 38.0 updated

Deja Dup is an open source application that provides users with both backup and restore capabilities. It is a lightweight and universal backup tool that’s compatible with any Linux-based operating system. It is not a complex application. In fact, it...


UrBackup 1.3

UrBackup is an open source, web-based, fast to setup and get running client/server backup system for Linux, FreeBSD and Windows operating systems.UrBackup features support for incremental file and image backups, easy configuration of both server and...

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Bacula 9.0.7 updated

Bacula is a completely free, open source and cross-platform graphical/command-line software comprised of network client and server-based backup components designed for system administrators or end-user who are looking for a powerful application for...


Attic 0.13

Attic is an open source and totally free command-line software implemented in Python and designed from the ground up to act as a deduplicating backup utility for supported file systems and computer operating systems.The project’'s main goal is...