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iCloud Extractor

iCloud Extractor 1.5.0 updated

iCloud Extractor provides the solution to extract the iCloud backup including photos, videos, contacts etc. to Mac or external hard drive in a breeze. By freeing up the iCloud storage space, it enables its users to back up the iPhone or iPad to iCloud...


ForeverSave 2.1.5 updated

ForeverSave 2 is a universal auto-save and backup versioning for all documents. Lost data can be quickly restored at any time. Losing data, caused by application crashes or unintentional overwriting is exasperating and unnecessary. ForeverSave 2 is your...


CardRaider 2.0.3

You have found the easiest and most affordable way to recover deleted photos and movies from your digital camera, memory card or thumb drive. CardRaider's familiar Mac OS X interface makes it simple to detect and unerase lost pictures. Instant electronic...

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GrabBack 1.3.2

GrabBack is a backup program for Macintosh providing simple, fast and reliable backups. Designed especially for use on USB flash drives, GrabBack is small enough to come along. You will never be caught off guard without backups again. It's easy to use...


FunkeeStory 1.0.9

FunkeeStory is an application and conduit (that works with both Missing Sync and Palm Desktop) that synchronizes SMS/MMS messages from Palm-based Treo smartphones to a Mac. Messages are displayed using a threaded chat view for keeping track of a...


DAEMON Tools 6.1.346 updated

DAEMON Tools for Mac enables you to mount up to 4 CD/DVD/HDD disc images of the following disc formats: *.b5t, *.b6t, *.bwt, *.ccd, *.cdi, *.bin/*.cue, *.ape/*.cue, *.flac/*.cue, *.iso, *.isz, *.mds/*.mdf, *.mdx, *.nrg, *.pdi, *.dmg, *.vhd. Mac OS...


sBackup 1.7

sBackup supports the revolutionary SFX (self-extracting) backup engine developed by Bit Per Second. It allows the backup to be extracted by it self without need of any 3th party application. Creating backups is never been that simple and interactive...

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Get Backup Pro

Get Backup Pro 3.4.2 updated

Keep your data safe with Get Backup Pro, our backup, archive, disk cloning, and folder sync software for Mac. Quickly back up data, create bootable and encrypted backups, sync folders, and be confident that your data is safely stored in case of system...


CrushSync 1.7

CrushSync is software that lets you backup files to a remote location, or locally on your existing network or hard drives. It does this intelligently by synchronizing files based on when they were last modified. You can setup automatic schedules so it...