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CloudBacko Pro

CloudBacko Pro

CloudBackup Pro is a robust cloud and local backup software designed for backing up virtual machines, databases and files in Mac OS X. It backs up VMware virtual machines, MySQL and files to Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure,...


CloudPull 2.8b1 updated

CloudPull backs up Google Docs, Google Reader, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts to your Mac. CloudPull runs as a login item and backs up your Google data automatically every hour. CloudPull maintains backups of deleted items and old versions for 90...


Continuum 1.0.6

Continuum complements Time Machine, storing up to 10 GB of compressed backups on your choice of off-site storage service: a MobileMe iDisk or Amazon S3 storage bucket. Backups are encrypted with your secret passphrase. You can perform backups manually, or...

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CopyCatX 5.1

CopyCatX is an extremely fast and easy-to-use utility for duplicating a volume or cloning a complete drive. It is perfect for: Anyone who wants to upgrade to a bigger drive. Users backing up their systems with the knowledge that the bootability and...

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CopyDrop 2.1

CopyDrop is a Finder-based, drag-and-drop backup utility. The software makes "smart" copies of files, folders, and volumes by skipping identical items already on the destination. It offers a replace mode, which deletes items in the destination that are...


CrashPlan 4.6 updated

Only CrashPlan offers local and online backup that's automatic, secure and cross-platform. Whether you need to back up one laptop at home or up to 10 for the family, CrashPlan delivers multi-destination protection that maximizes convenience, flexibility...