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Web Feeds

Web Feeds 1.0

Web Feeds is a social bookmark site with a difference. Users moderate and decide which items make it to the home page, only rules being no links to adult related or illegal activity sites. Organizing what we read according to who wrote it is not the best...


Zurpy 1.0

Zurpy is an online tool to save your bookmarks, text clippings, images, files, and news feeds in one place. Easily tag and find what you've saved. Access your stuff from any computer anywhere. It's free and extremely easy to...


Xilinus 1.0

Manage your bookmarks online like you do with your favorite browser. Organize yours bookmarks by folders, with unlimited sub-folders. Drag and drop directly on the main page to reorganize bookmarks and folders with no refresh. Rate your bookmarks up to 5...

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Xerpi 1.0

Xerpi is a free Website designed to customize the Internet by organizing, finding and sharing hundreds of personal bookmarks. Xerpi uses a unique drag and drop interface to make the Internet manageable and relevant. With a community view feature that...


PhoneFavs 1.0

PhoneFavs is a mobile optimized Web portal and online bookmarking service designed for your phone and portable gadgets. PhoneFavs allows you to view and use your bookmarks on a mobile device in an easy to use small screen format. You can store, organize,...


UberNote 1.0

UberNote is a central all purpose notes and personal information manager that is accessible through your browser. The information can be linked or tagged in order to gain faster access and personalized organization. The navigation panels are simple, and...


Iterasi 1.0

Iterasi is a simple browser-based tool for saving any Web page, dynamically generated or otherwise, with the click of a button. The dynamic content is saved immediately, frozen in that moment in time, in an accessible HTML format and stored to a secure...

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LinkBunch 1.0

A link bunch is just that - a bunch of links. Often you find several links on the web that you want to share on services such as instant messengers (Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, etc.) or microblogging platforms such as Twitter...


Tagmindr 1.0

Put any bookmark in a time capsule and Tagmindr will send it to your future self. Give it a username and it will feed you anything that you've tagged as: "tagmindr" and "remind:YYYY-MM-DD" on any of the various services that it checks. Tagmindr reminds...