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The Life

The Life 8.0.2

The Life is a Mac OS X Web browser with many online channels for people who identify as LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bi Trans). There are thousands of people, bars, eateries in over 50 cities. If it's LGBT and has a Web presence, you can probably find it pretty...

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CrossOver Chromium is a Mac and Linux port of the open source Chromium Web browser that is the basis for Google Chrome. CrossOver Chromium was developed using CodeWeavers' Wine development expertise. CrossOver Chromium is a technology proof-of-concept to...

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Keywurl 1.4b8

Keywurl adds functionality to Safari similar to the search functionality in Firefox and Opera. Type a keyword and a query in the address bar, and it will be expanded into a predefined search.Requirements:Safari 4.0 or...

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As the Web continues to evolve and more of our lives move online, we believe that Web browsers like Firefox can and should do more to broker rich experiences while increasing user control over their data and personal information. Weave is a Firefox add-on...


Pixelfari 1.0

Pixelfari, a pixely, 8-bitty version of everyone's favorite browser. Enjoy chunky fonts, blocky graphics, and a general sense of giddy inefficiency. Spearheaded by yours truly and developed by a very clever friend....

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SandboxCleaner 1.1.1 updated

Some QuickTime components are incompatible with OS X sandboxing, which leads to problems - including crashes - with many popular video and photo apps. SandboxCleaner finds and reveals those components, helping you to fix the problems and keep your system...


Smarky 2.4.9 updated

Smarky is the bookmarks manager for Safari bookmarks which is compatible with Apple's iCloud. After installing Smarky on a Mac, and enabling iCloud syncing, you can have alphabetized and organized Safari bookmarks on all of your Apple devices.What is new...

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Tab Options

Tab Options 3.2.2 updated

Tab Options (formerly Tabkeys) lets you assign custom keyboard shortcuts for common tab actions in Safari. Available actions are: open a new tab, close the current tab, reload the current tab, switch to the next or the previous tab, move the current tab...

Web Devil

Web Devil 6.0

Web Devil is a tool for downloading Web sites for offline browsing, extracting Web site content, and so on. It also has filtering capabilities, so it only downloads what you want. Web Devil has a simple, intuitive interface. Just enter a URL and it...