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MultiFirefox 2.1.001

MultiFirefox is a launcher app that runs multiple versions of Firefox at the same time. Run Firefox 2, 3, Minefield, and any others, all at the same time, side-by-side. Helps you create unique profiles for each version, remembers your last selections,...

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SafariToHTML 0.7.1

SafariToHTML creates a HTML file based Yahoo like web directory out of your Safari bookmarks. The output is customizable. The source code is included.What is new in this release:HFS filetype code is now setRequirements:Mac OS X 10.2 or...

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Demeter 1.5b3

Demeter is based off of the Shiira 1.x line of browser at http://shiira.jp/en.php. All the features of Shiira 1.X plus: Keychain Access with selective password saving iTunes Remote Function - Control iTunes from Demeter's sidebar (*beta) Integrated...

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MyDog 1.22

MyDog makes it easy to search and find anything on web. Open MyDog and type what you are searching, then clic "Web" if you want to find html pages, Pdf or Word documents, "Images" if you are searching images or "Apple" if what you are searching is in the...

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The samfind Bookmark Bar picks up where Firefox's Bookmarks Toolbar leaves off: - Choose your favorite websites to add to your Bar to get to them quickly, - Easily fit hundreds of websites on the Bar by organizing them into topics, - Integrate your...

WebCapture is able to capture multiple web pages preserving images and assemble them into one single file by dragging URLs from Web Browser. Those captured web contents can be organized by creating folders and moving around them between folders. However,...


BumperCar 2.2

The best web browser for kids gets even better! Built specifically for Mac OS X, BumperCar gives you the power you need to control which Web sites your child visits, the time they spend online, and even the personal information they are allowed to...

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Safari Goes Dutch

Safari Goes Dutch 4.0b5528.17 (beta 2)

Nederlandse taalbestanden voor Safari 4 Public Beta op Leopard. Apple heeft ook een versie voor Tiger (10.4) beschikbaar, maar deze vertaling is daar niet geschikt voor. Bij gebrek aan een 10.4 machine zal dit er naar verwachting ook niet van komen.Deze...

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Lynx 2.8.7d9

Lynx has become quite popular as a Universal Access web browser for the Visually handicapped. Though Lynx is limited as it does not support JavaScript. Lynx was originally developed at the University of Kansas. In 1995 Lynx 2.4.2 was released under...

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Stay connected to MySpace and never type your email and password again! Add the MySpace Toolbar to your browser to share cool websites with your friends and get up-to-the-minute alerts for your comments, messages, and friend requests. You can also...