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Bynamite Firefox Add-on 1.0.6

Bynamite is a browser add-on for Firefox and Chrome that allows you to control the information ad networks take from your web use. This unusual application is not aimed at blocking advertising, but rather at ensuring you only see the type of ads that are...

Tab Candy

Tab Candy Alpha

An original, highly functional way to manage tabs in Firefox. Original and innovative, Makes it easier to deal with dozens of tabs, Organize tabs in groups, Save tabs to read them later. Still in development, You have to test it on a separate version of...

Social Fixer for Facebook

Social Fixer for Facebook (Firefox) 12.0

Social Fixer (previously Better Facebook) is a Firefox plugin that lets you customize Facebook to the smallest detail, adapting it to your needs and likes. After a quick installation - just like any other Firefox extension - Social Fixer displays a quick...

QtWeb Internet Browser

QtWeb Internet Browser Build 063 3.7

QtWeb Internet Browser is a basic, lightweight web browser for Windows that offers a few nice perks. If you have experience with browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox, QtWeb Internet Browser doesn't really offer anything new per se. It's certainly...

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Screen Capture Elite is a handy Firefox add-on that lets you take screenshots of web pages in several ways, and which has support for the recently launched Firefox 4. With Screen Capture Elite you can capture a selected area, the visible part of the web...

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