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FireBug 1.9.0

Web debugging made easy in Firefox. Debugs instantly , FireBug icon tells you when code is broken, Much easier than scanning through your JavaScript console. Only supports a limited amount of languages, Only works with...


CrossFTP 1.53b

Reliable FTP client supporting multiple protocols. Supports a wide range of protocols, Feature rich, Allows previewing of text and images. Takes a long time to learn how to use more advanced features, Doesn't integrate with Firefox...

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Display your search result in 3D. Stylish new way to navigate the web, Perfect for presentations, Nice menus to navigate open pages. Slow in loading internet pages, Requires lots of system...

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Powerful and flexible website development software. Allows you to create weblogs, portals and community websites, Completely free, Highly customisable. Quite complicated to begin with, Developing large sites is...

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UrlbarExt (Firefox) 1.7.2

Great tools for the location bar. Great integration with the location bar, Navigate through sequential pages, Great for Tweeters,. Changing the settings is a bit daunting, Can't change the order of the...