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Zemanta Firefox extension 0.8.3

Maximize your blog content. Easy to enable/disable, Full social networking integration, Can be linked to your Flickr account. Formatting not very intuitive, Not enough help or...


ImTranslator Firefox add-on 4.3 updated

Online translation between 1640 languages. Good language selection, Virtual keyboard for special characters, Support for Russian encoding. Translator features are not built in to program, Lots of ads,...


Cleeki 0.6.1185

Multiple searches in just one click. All shortcuts customizable, Summary screen good, Can manually input search terms,. A little hard to get the hang of, Always on top, Automatically installs a Firefox...

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BuddyFox Firefox add-on 1.0.2

BuddyFox is a simple add-on for Firefox that will allow you to have instant messaging conversations with your friends, without ever leaving your browser. Obviously to use the service you'll have to sign up with a username and password. It's not going to...


CoolNovo (formerly ChromePlus)

CoolNovo is another web browser that's based on the same engine as the original Google Chrome and adds a bunch of handy new tools that make it even easier and more enjoyable to use. The interface in CoolNovo is identical to Google Chrome, with the new...

Internet Explorer 9 64-bit

Internet Explorer 9 64-bit Windows 7 64-bit 9.0.8112.16421

The latest edition of the web's most popular browser. Faster multicore JavaScript engine, Support for HTML5 and CSS3, Very well integrated with the operating system, Sleek interface. Basic HTML5...

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