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Hot Plan

Hot Plan 1.7.2

Hot Plan is a multi-purpose personal planning tool designed to help users collect and manage their thoughts, ideas, projects, but also bookmarks, links and text clips. Actions offer a rich collection of attributes: title, completion status and percentage,...

Bonita BPM CE

Bonita BPM CE 6.4.0 updated

Bonita BPM Community Edition helps developers build business applications that improve business operations and results. Connect people, processes and information systems into applications that can be easily managed in on-premise or cloud environments. Use...


Endicia 2.18.1 updated

Endicia for Mac is your complete USPS postage-printing solution. Easily feed one through your printer, it'll come out with postage. Domestic and International mailing labels are generated easily with the correct postage. No guessing or over-paying, pay...

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Domo CenterView aids you in making key business decisions to improve your organization's performance with its powerful dashboard technology. With Domo CenterView, not only can you visualize your real-time data in the most meaningful way, but you can...


menuFOREX 1.0,3

Following is features of menuFOREX. - menu bar app to display currency exchange rates - Without interrupting your desktop workflow, you can check on the market just by looking at the menu bar. - Market watcher favor app as an investors, a trader and...

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