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Al Morale

Al Morale 2.0

Al Morale wants to be your virtual yes-man and lackey. This interactive cartoon sidekick gives you flattery and kudos on demand. He also raves about your great ideas, looks over your work, and even laughs at your jokes. Version 2.0 is faster and adds new...

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Pyramid 1.4.1

Pyramid, a highly visual outlining and brainstorming tool, allows images and text clippings to be placed anywhere on multiple worksheets that grow dynamically in all four directions. Items can then be arranged in elaborate visual hierarchies. Items can...


MacOSXLinPro 2.0.7

MINDTech has developed computer programs for specific needs in operations research and operations management. An easy to use linear programming optimization software is available (click and save the linear programming optimization software link onto your...

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EZPunch ClS

EZPunch ClS 3.6.1

E-PunchClock Client/Server is a simple time clock program based on a punch-clock paradigm. The end user is presented with a simple one-button interface to clock in and out. Reports and exports of punches can be generated from the server. For a standalone...


LawDocs 1.0

This Software Features over 600+ Legal Contracts and Forms Documents That You can Edit, Print and Save or share in a easy to use format on your computer. "This Application will help save you thousands $$$"in legal fees. Lawyers Charge a arm and a leg...