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BC Resto

BC Resto 922

BC RESTO is an innovative, fully downloadable, till service (point of sales) software specifically designed for owners of restaurants, cafe's and take aways, giving them total control over their establishments (Even when their not there). Profits,...

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Monitor 3.2

Tired of managing five apps/windows/tabs at the same time and of reloading all the time by hand to track your e-commerce, mail, twitter, notes, blog? So with Monitor you can do all this in one window, access it from the menubar and the site-refresh is...


MeshWrite 1.5.1

MeshWrite is a next generation GTD / Note-taking application.Some of it's main features are. You have great ideas. Get them down. Share them if you want. Whatever you want you need the best tools available to get to where you want to go. A place to think....


archCalc 1.9.2

archCalc is a mixed unit decimal and fraction calculator. It allows one to enter dimensions in standard english and metric units of measurement, perform basic calculations, convert between units, keep track of a series of operations, and take notes on...


iPDA 4.5.2

Who needs a PDA when you have an iPod?Transfer your PIM data to your iPod so it's available whenever you need it; iPDA supports transferring information from Entourage, Gmail, Stickies, Mail, Address Book and iCal. You can transfer Word, PDF, Pages, RTF...

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MacOSXLinPro 2.0.7

MINDTech has developed computer programs for specific needs in operations research and operations management. An easy to use linear programming optimization software is available (click and save the linear programming optimization software link onto your...