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FlinkISO 1.003

FlinkISO covers all aspects of ISO 9001:2008 certification & Quality Management. Once your organization is ISO-certified, you can use FlinkISO for post certification benefits, such as continued improvement and effectiveness of your certification system...


Toolary 11-2014

Toolary provides a platform for partners of Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and other vendors to present their industry or process specific pre-configured solutions, add-ons and apps. Toolary is of great value for people and companies searching for an ERP...


CIWare 1.0

CIWare is the one-of-a-kind business intelligence platform that automatically brings the right data to the right people, when it matters most. Beat your competition and tap into market opportunities first with the fastest and most accurate business...


Azavista 1.0

Azavista has created an online platform especially for the corporate, enterprise and agency user. Through a wide set of modules and functionality, users can handle everything from event registrations, email marketing,attendee management budgeting,...

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Zupply 1.0

With zupply your company is able to collect all its knowledge about freelancers at one place. We help you to build your very own freelancer pool. With us you always have the companies freelancers information available and up to date. So you do not need to...


Roomsy 1.0

Roomsy helps track and manage room reservations. In one glance, Roomsy tells you who is staying, in which room, and when. Want to know more about your customers? We help track that too. Find out who your best customers are, and their spending habits....

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Obsurvey 2.0

Obsurvey is an online tool for conducting your own online surveys, with your own questions. The idea is that you: 1. Create your own survey right here on the website, http://obsurvey.com 2. When you have created your survey, you are given a...


PowWow365 1.1

PowWow365 is a complete meeting life cycle solution tailored for busy corporates and executives, allowing them to stay on top of their meetings. Whatever you are on, whether running a brainstorming session with your team or giving a killer presentation to...