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Vizydrop 1.0

Explore data from apps and sources you are using in a visual way. It takes no effort. One single place, the natural way, all for free. - Automatic chart suggestions reduces creation time - Create charts quickly in a simple and intuitive editor - Move...


PointDrive 2.3.10

PointDrive is a simple to use sales tool that allows you to package up, personalize, and track the content you share throughout the closing process. Used by leading sales organizations and real estate firms across the world, PointDrive increases revenue...

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Visual.is 4.0

Visual.is is an online SaaS design tool for data visualization. It helps professionals and companies create professional-quality presentations, visualizations, and dashboards in an easy-to-use, affordable way. It is designed so that anyone can easily use...

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Keka 2.0

Keka is a HR platform designed for Indians focused on improving the Employee experience. Traditionally HR systems are designed to automate the manual process of HR activities and have been successful so far. However, today's technology have advanced...