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ProofHub 1.0

A Web based project management and collaboration software that helps you easily manage projects, schedule, discuss, work and communicate with your clients & team members. With ProofHub all your clients, staff and projects stays in a central place and can...

Sage One

Sage One 1.0

Sage One--The smarter way to run your business. From project management, task tracking, invoicing, cash management, and time tracking; try Sage One today. The perfect companion for the small business owner or entrepreneur.Limitations:30 day...

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WipBox 1

WipBox lets you create listings that will attract more buyers and higher prices for items. Find the best categories on eBay and Craigslist to list your item. Find the average selling prices of items on eBay and Craigslist. Post directly to eBay or...

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Criteo 1

Criteo recommendation engine works on a real-time basis, both for input data and output results. Input data can be either explicit user ratings (votes on items), or implicit user browsing history (clicks, page views or purchased items). Output results can...