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callas pdfToolbox 4 gives all aspects of working with PDFs a massive boost with a greatly extended feature set no longer tailored just for prepress users. With pdfToolbox 4 you'll get your tasks done better and in less time through a gorgeous new...

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Timepost 2.6.4

Timepost is a project timer that automatically downloads projects and to-dos from various web project managers. Timepost saves you valuable time by allowing you to post accurate hours directly to services like activeCollab, Basecamp, Cashboard, Fogbugz,...

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Easy Bates

Easy Bates 3.12

Easy Bates is a tool you need to add bates numbers (page numbers and text) to PDF and TIF documents. It can stamp bates numbers onto thousands of documents in minutes. It can also print bates number labels, which can then be applied to original hard-copy...