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SMS System

SMS System 1.0.0

Default Magento store order statuses are really inadequate to understand for customers. As default Magneto doesn't provide informative and understandable order statuses, need for creating such order statuses arise. Magento 2 Order Status extension by...


Bookafy 2.0

GOOGLE 2-WAY SYNC Staff and Admin can sync all appointments to/from Google calendar and Bookafy. Appointments from Google sync to Bookafy. Appointments on Bookafy Sync to Google. RECURRING APPOINTMENTS Create recurring appointments for your customers....

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Fracttal 3.0

Fracttal is an innovative maintenance management solution. Fracttal is a comprehensive platform, modern, safe, intuitive, easy to use and 100% cloud-based, designed to give you control over all your company assets, facilitating your work and providing you...


Visibook 0.9

Visibook is a simple, powerful client scheduling app and online appointment booking software. The online calendar program can be used by anybody that often has others book appointments with them. You set your services and availability, then clients can...