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NavXtender 1.0.6543.25179

NavXtender from Insight Works is a free utility that enables users to attach documents to any Microsoft Dynamics NAV record with a simple drag and drop. With NavXtender, you'll easily associate customer POs to orders; invoices to POs; quality documents to...


LogSheet 2.7.14 updated

LogSheet 2 is a cross-platform, client-based print accounting, and document analysis solution for any office, legal practice, creative studio, or architectural firm that is looking for a way to recover, track, or charge-back printing costs.What is new in...


Radzen 1.0

Radzen has the following essential features: - Automatically generate pages from database: Generate your application CRUD pages out of your Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL or OData service. - Consume Microsoft LightSwitch services: Microsoft...

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It is an affordable invoicing software that enables you to create invoices with only a few steps. Besides the lists for customers, invoices and efforts it also supports the creation of templates and it fully meets the legal requirements for invoicing in...

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EasyMorph 3.5 updated

EasyMorph is an easy-to-use data preparation and transformation tool. With EasyMorph you load data from databases, files and spreadsheets, and transform it visually, by applying various operations (e.g. filter or join) to data, step by step. More than 70...