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Phenix is characterized by its strength & simplicity in managing accounting & warehousing operations in all fields in both languages Arabic & English. other General features: 1- The possibility of establishing more than one company within the program...

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SMS360 1.1.2

* Use 3G USB dongle (such as Huawei) or GSM Modem * Send thousands of SMS easily from the computer * Send Specific Individuals Or Entire Lists * Send Alerts, Coupons, Reminders and More. * Messaging with Customizable Fields And Spinnable...


AutoSales 1.1.4

Searches for and joins groups related to a specific keywordphrase/s, count of members, language. Automatically posts any message (can use spin-tax) to all groups you belong to. Supported post types are text, link, photo, video. Quickly schedule and...


AutoNetworks 1.1.4

Scraping user ID's from member of group, attendees of event and interactive on fan page / profile / posts / notes. Search for people with user-specific search condition like people's education, hometown, current city and interests (using Facebook Graph...

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AutoContent 1.1.4

Automatically gather posts content (text, link, photo, video) from other pages and posting to your pages. Quickly schedule and automatically posts messages to unlimited number of your pages (multiple leech). Organize content, monitor response, track...