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CSV2QBO updated

Finally, the solution to import your transactions. Convert CSV to QBO and import into QuickBooks 2017, 2016, 2015, (PC/Mac/Online). Extract transaction data from CSV or Excel files from your bank. Prepare transactions quickly in Excel and convert. Work...

Make PDF Smaller

Make PDF Smaller updated

Makes your PDF files smaller without sacrificing the quality. Perfect for mailing or storage of PDF files. Simply open your PDF, click the 'Make PDF Smaller' button and get your optimized, smaller PDF.What is new in this release:Version fixed some...

Index Generator

Index Generator 5.8 updated

Index Generator will take a PDF book and produce a list of words with associated page numbers. If the book format is in some other form it must be converted to PDF (Microsoft Word offers this as a Save As option. OpenOffice also exports to PDF). Words...

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AlmondMailer 1.6.5 updated

Our all-in-one e-mail marketing software includes everything you need to create, send, track and profit from e-mail marketing in seconds. Seconds after installing, you will be able to send promotional ads, newsletters, coupons.What is new in this...

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