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Shopware 5.1.3 updated

Also provided as a complete VMWare package for interested users.Features: Modules Admin panel Ext JS-powered backend Graphic installer Documentation WYSIWYG editing Store management features Users management Content management Statistics and...


CS-Cart 4.3.4 updated

While most online e-commerce platform are built and available under a commercial license, there are a few products and services that are trully superior to most open source projects. CS-Cart is one of them, providing a well-oiled e-commerce machine,...

Open eShop

Open eShop 2.2.0 updated

Open eShop is built on top of known and professional open source tools like Kohana, Bootstrap, Mobile_Detect, hybridAuth, Raty, SCEditor, jQuery and many other more. Running on the classic PHP & MySQL setup, this e-commerce platform allows webmasters to...


Onxshop 1.7.6 updated

Onxshop is a very flexible platform, coming with a bare bones theme on which developers can use as a starting point for more complex websites.The platform comes with a backend panel where they can get started and a well put together codebase, coded on the...

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GoCart 3.2015.12.02 updated

Because the store's base is built on CodeIgniter you can rest assured most security loopholes are covered and protected against, while also the underlying codebase is well documented and easy to edit using the framework's documentation and...


nopCommerce 3.70 updated

nopCommerce is an ASP.NET 4.0 platform for selling goods online, tailored to work together with an MSSQL database and other Microsoft products. It features an embedded graphic installer, so nopCommerce can be setup in few minutes and run immediately, and...


Spree 3.0.3 updated

This e-commerce platform relies on Ruby's dynamic programming to offer a secure and small-sized application. It supports customized logic for taxation, shipping, discounts and coupons.What is new in this release:Bootstrap Backend & Frontend Rails 4.2...

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Quick.Cart 6.6 updated

It uses flat-files to store data.The platform is designed and intended to create small web shop where users can sell their own products.For the installation and exploitation the user doesn't need any knowledge of any of the programming languages.With...